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Living For The Weekend

Music Review: Madison McWilliams – ‘Living for the Weekend’ Offers Dazzling Pop Music

Madison McWilliams just dropped a new single and music video called “Living for the Weekend.” Already a star, the 16-year-old diva seems destined for superstar status. She’s been featured in Dream Teen Magazine, as well as Justine, Tigerbeat, and Girl’s Life Magazine. The latter magazine not only named McWilliams 2018’s It Girl, but also showcased a behind-the-scenes-look at how the video was made.

As “Artist of the Week” on KIIS FM / iHeartRadio’s #NextUp series, McWilliams presented an unplugged version of the song, followed by an appearance on KTLA TV, and an upcoming August 2 appearance on Fox’s Good Day Austin. The day after, August 3, McWilliams sets off on tour with the 2018 Boys of Summer Tour, along with stars like Single by Sunday, Hailey Ona, and Mackenzie Sol.

The video for “Living for the Weekend” premiered on Friday, July 20 and within 24 hours collected over 32,000 views.

Opening with velvety colors and McWilliams’ inimitable voice, the song’s rhythm builds with energy, glowing with an infectious pulsation. McWilliams’ voice is the star of the tune, delivering opulent textures and nuanced timbres. As the music mounts and swells, McWilliams demonstrates the tonal array at her command.

The video, directed by Scott Rice, was choreographed by Tina Landon. In the video, McWilliams and her gang of young women audaciously pull off a bank robbery. Everything goes fine until the end, when a mistake leads to catastrophe. Scintillating choreography and skilled dancing make the video a pleasure to watch, like an episode of Dancing with the Stars. McWilliams and company definitely have the moves.

“Living for the Weekend” supplies excellent, edgy pop music, resounding with sonic dynamism. Madison McWilliams’ voice is a tour de force, potent, effortless, and delightful to listen to. Don’t miss “Living for the Weekend.”

Follow Madison McWilliams on madisonmcwilliams.com, Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram.


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