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Luca Bash

Music Review: Luca Bash – ‘Keys of Mine’ Is Cool and Stylish

Italian singer-songwriter Luca Bash recently dropped Keys of Mine, the follow-up to his CMYK project which included four acoustic EPs. Keys of Mine contains 15 new tracks of music in a variety of styles: jam pop, funk, soft rock, and fusion.

In the ‘90s, Bash began his musical studies. Initially, he trained as a classical violinist, later switching to the guitar out of sheer caprice. Five years later, he found the courage to write his first song. And that’s when he became enamored with the creative process. Motivated by his new passion, he studied at The University of Music in Rome, during which time he wrote more than a dozen songs.

While performing at an exhibition, Bash discovered the ultimate motivation for his music. “A young female voice (I didn’t see her face because of the stage lights in front of my eyes) screamed aloud ‘bravo!’ and, despite the fact that I was playing, I heard her. I still remember the shivers. I was unknown, playing a song unknown as well, but able to give emotions. This is the reason why I still compose. For that young girl.”

Key tracks on the album include: “Backstage,” a soft rock tune laced with pop flavors. Bash’s husky voice is mellow and rich, with a wistful hue. “Your Tomorrow” features Bash’s exotically colored tones drifting tenderly on warm waves of harmonics. I like this song a lot because of its smooth rhythm, the crisp sidestick and creamy ambience.

The texture and mood of “Paradise Café” call up memories of Dave Matthews. “Forever Like Asleep” oozes dirty blues with a bit of funk tossed in for seasoning. The chorus is smooth and gorgeous. One of the best songs on the album is “The Sun’s Everlasting Smile,” a silky smooth jazz tune that’s cool and suave. Bash’s laid-back voice and a divine sax imbue the song with a hearing-secret-harmonies feel.

“Women’s Way” reflects tints of reggae, pop, and jazz, while “Black Swan’s Walls” ramps things up with a rollicking rock essence. The dark, oily flow of “Jekyll & Hyde” is deliciously dangerous, especially the wailing of the sax.

Keys of Mine is cool and stylish. Bash’s lush voice makes the music feel fresh and tantalizing. The melodies emanate a proximate energy, and the rhythms are strong. Keys of Mine is pleasantly and surprisingly excellent. Be sure to check it out.

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