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‘Love Songs for the Rest of Us’ offers a cozy and comfortable listening experience that might ready you for a nice, long nap.

Music Review: Loser’s Way Home – ‘Love Songs for the Rest of Us’ EP

Losers Way Home 'Love Songs for the Rest of Us'Arizona quartet Loser’s Way Home is releasing a new five-track EP titled Love Songs for the Rest of Us on July 22, 2016There is something extremely relaxing about this EP, to the point that even the most uptempo and upbeat offering offers the opportunity to listeners to lay back and rest. And when the most energetic number leaves you in such a state, you know that the listening experience of the entire EP will leave you cozy and comfortable, perhaps even ready for a nice, long nap.

The most energetic offering happens to be the opening pop folk number. “In The Shadows” is built on drums, guitars, and piano. Something about the bridge is reminiscent of Coldplay’s “Clocks”, while something about the vocals strike a very Pet Shop Boys chord. While the folk “Two-Step” is just as up-tempo, it brings in a mellowness when compared to “In The Shadows”. The melodic structure of the two is also quite similar.

“Place Of No Return”, built on guitars, drums, and strings, mellows things even more by lowering the tempo, making the way for the two slowest and most mellow offerings of the EP. “Love, You Found Me” is an adult contemporary ballad that contains all the typical elements of popular love songs: it is slow, it is delicate, and it includes details like violins and keyboards that add a certain sweet hesitation to the auditory experience. The hesitant yet hopeful vocals will no doubt strike quite a chord with anyone who has ever fallen in love and been in that place where one straddles the line between hesitation and hope.

“Rachel” is joyful in a subdued way. It describes the relationship between two people: the day they met, all the emotions included, and the day of their marriage. Added to the more typical instrumentation are strings, which (when well used, such as in this case) can bring a romantic element to any track. Songs from the band are available for streaming on SoundCloud. More information about the band is available on their Facebook page and on their official website.

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