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Music Review: Lonely Benson – ‘Let It Go’ Embraces Infectious Synth Pop

Lonely Benson just dropped his self-titled debut LP. The first single from the album is “Let It Go,” a worthy follow-up to fan favorites “Location” and “Strawberry Afternoons.” Benson’s music has been featured on Apple Music’s alternative playlist and collected over two million streams on Spotify.

“Let It Go” opens with radiantly emerging synth tones, followed by the entrance of potent percussion and a throbbing dirty bass line. Synth pop colors swirl and twirl on fluid waves encompassing the tune with bright ebullient tones. There’s a dreamy, flowing, avant-garde mood and feel to the harmonics that give the song a hypercivilized flavor, cool and stylish, polished, and sophisticated.

As the music intensifies, streaming synths imbue the music with soaring, elevated textures adding a quasi-psychedelic aroma that’s captivating and vivacious. Benson’s voice, filtered with effects, is velvety smooth and delightfully whispery. Complementary sighing vocal harmonies inject layers of sonic hues over the lead vocals, providing depth and sonic plumpness.

The lyrics reflect the doubts and hesitations associated with not being perfect in a seemingly perfect world.

“I was trying to do too much / Trying to make the right moves / Like so and so, such and such / Everybody else has found their groove / Oh but I haven’t found the time to spare / No umbrella, no beach chair / So I’ll pin the invitation by my bed / And I’ll wake up from dreaming I was there / Don’t keep letting it all build up in your head / Let it go / Don’t stop pushing / You’re trying / You’re finding a way to let go.”

“Let It Go” is chic synth pop. The music glows with an EDM-like aroma and is mesmerizing, while the rhythm is cogent and compelling. It’s easy to let yourself go in “Let It Go.”

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