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Lizzy Latimer

Music Review: Lizzy Latimer – ‘Can’t Cage Me’ ft. Kyah Baby

Not long ago, Lizzy Latimer released a new single, “Can’t Cage Me.” The song blends hip-hop, pop, and R&B flavors into what is essentially hip-pop.

A classically trained violinist, Latimer began writing songs as a teenager. By the time she turned 20, she had a bachelor’s degree in Commercial Music and Production, which she put to use working as an audio engineer and producer. Even though she’s performed with symphony orchestras and rock bands, Latimer’s twin loves are hip-hop and R&B. Her sound conveys influences from Afropop, Kwaito, and dancehall.

“Can’t Cage Me” opens with sizzling, emerging synths flowing into an R&B-flavored ‘90s hip-hop groove. When the trumpets kick in, the tune takes on a bright aura complemented by the sparkling piano, exuding heady R&B colors.

Booping synths provide an upbeat energy riding on an austere but potent rhythm. Latimer’s smooth R&B tones contrast with Kyah Baby’s spearing rap cadence, imbuing the music simultaneously with skewering rap zest and buttery, retro R&B additives. Together, the two flavors create a sweet and sour punch, like sonic Mega Warheads.

Latimer explains the thrust of the lyrics to “Can’t Cage Me,” saying, “I wrote this song about scenarios I have seen many times. In the cases I’ve seen, the woman’s ambition and drive is what their boyfriend/husband was drawn to, but after some time, they keep pressuring them to basically just be a house wife.”

“You can’t cage me / Don’t even try, no / If you do try / I’ll turn my back and I’ll walk away / I’m as loyal as they come, baby / But if you cage me / I’ll turn my back and I’ll walk away.”

“Can’t Cage Me” is yummy. The flair of R&B vibes meshing with retro hip-hop results in suavely polished hip-pop. Don’t cage yourself by missing “Can’t Cage Me.”

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