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Stripped down to bare essentials, ‘High Dreamer’ highlights the strengths of this young artist.

Music Review: Kylie Odetta – ‘High Dreamer’ EP

Kylie Odetta 'High Dreamer' EPAt the age of 18, singer-songwriter Kylie Odetta’s voice has already gotten her opening act gigs for Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw, amongst others. Early on in her EP, High Dreamer—set to be released later this month—one catches the sense that Odetta didn’t pursue singing because she wants to be famous, but rather because she loves the art—which I feel is what will make her not only very well-known, but also make her a long-term player on the pop music scene.

The first three tracks are currently available for streaming. The opening number, which also serves as the EP’s lead single, was initially not meant to be released initially; apparently, Odetta used the song as part of her pre-recording warm-up. Upon hearing “Can’t Erase It”, the engineer and producer decided it should be included on the EP. The lack of flourishes in a song built on a simple melody played on a piano and enhanced with a gently plucked electric guitar serves well to introduce listeners to the voice of someone who doesn’t sound like she is only 18.

The mid-tempo title track is a gentle nudge of encouragement to all dreamers who aim high but don’t always make their goals in their initial attempts. The gentle, sparse piano-led building builds a couple of layer at a time, with an extra piano, and drums, coming as an encouraging hug to someone who is considering just giving up on their dreams.

“Sweet Innocence” is a nostalgic look back at one’s years before adolescence’s awakening. It comes as a particularly sweet song, seeing that Odetta is only 18. Despite the nostalgia, there is something uplifting about the track, as if it attempts to help listeners tap into their memories of a time of innocence in their own lives.

Stripped down to bare essentials, High Dreamer highlights well the strengths of this young artist. Tracks are available for streaming on SoundCloud. More information about Odetta is available on her official website and Facebook page.

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