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Atmospheric, ambient acoustic guitar music for the soul.

Music Review: Konstantine Andeson – Guitar Masterpieces

Music Maker has released Guitar Masterpieces, 29 tracks of ambient acoustic guitar compositions written and played by Konstantine Andeson. Mellow and tender, the album is forty-five plus minutes of music that is simplistic enough to allow you to de-stress, but interesting enough to hold your attention and not just fade into the background. In many ways, it's new age music for guitar.

If you do the math, dividing the tracks by total running time, you see most songs are under two minutes, but that doesn't distract from their beauty. Some are stunning and complex; while others are simple, yet beautiful, melodies. All are delivered with such obvious care and talent they make a lasting impression.

The opening track, "Midnight Moonlight" is one of the intricate tracks. Full of interesting note combinations and chords, it makes a huge impression it its short run before giving way to "Solace" which even shorter and a huge contrast. From light and airy to soft and mournful, both emotions come across loud and clear with no more than the instrument and the talented way Andeson caresses it and plucks its strings.

Many of the tracks have titles related to nature, for example "Sound of the Wind," "When Roses Bloom," "Raindrops," and "Snowflakes." And with repeated listening the reasons become obvious. There is something very atmospheric and basic about the music contained here. The tracks have a way of stripping away the clutter and stress of current high-pressure way of life and leaving you recharged and relaxed. If you a fan of acoustic guitar and ambient music, or someone who likes to let go of the complications of a modern-day career with music that will have a definite calming effect, this CD will be a welcome addition to your collection.

The Muzix Maker website, where you can also get a background of the CD, read listeners reviews, and buy the CD, is giving you a sneak peak by letting you download seven of the tracks from. The album is not available at Amazon, but can be purchased at CD Baby, Guitarmasterpieces, and Planet CD.

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