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Music Review: Kachinga – ‘Sky Falling’ Melds Hip-Hop with R&B

Kachinga recently dropped a full-length album, called Sky Falling. According to Kachinga, “The album was inspired by a journey of loss and learning, the struggle to find a balance between the good and the bad in life, and serves as a reminder to find the good within the bad and to acknowledge and accept the bad with the good.”

Hailing from Canada, and backed by Three Entertainment Group and the production talent of Lava Cru, Kachinga’s sound fuses elements of hip-hop, R&B, and indie. Previously releasing two EPs, It’s Raining and Bloody Nose, Sky Falling is his first foray into a full album.

Sky Falling comprises 23 tracks. “BC” opens the album with a cool, smooth hip-hop/R&B sound undulating on a heavy bassline. Orchestral synths give the tune a simmering energy that’s easy to listen to, making it one of the highlights of the album. Another good tune is “Fluent,” which rides a thrumming bassline and industrial percussion underneath shimmering synths, imbuing the music with an alt-rock/rap flavor.

One of my personal favorites is “Wedding Dress.” The pale glow of the synths gives the tune an elegant flow, enhanced by a gorgeous piano. The vocals vary from dry and brittle to mellow and resonant. The title track features an almost dreamy piano merging into a pulsing measured hip-hop beat. The background vocals infuse the tune with a resounding imminence.

“Wonderland” stands out because of its smooth R&B essence which merges into a chic hip-hop crunch full of an elusive, infectious rhythm. And the drifting quality of the vocals provides an esthetic nuance that rolls delightfully.

Sky Falling is a good album. For the most part, the melodies are tantalizing. A few of the songs left me dissatisfied, but overall it’s a strong collection of measured harmonics. The combination of R&B tones mesh well with the hefty hip-hop rhythms.

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