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Lullaby is a sweet, calm CD of beautifully written lullabies by popular children's recording artist Jason Roberts.

Music Review: Justin Roberts – Lullaby

Justin Roberts is a popular singer of children’s songs who usually writes and records upbeat songs with a strong Beatles influence. But this time, he’s provided a whole CD of calm, sweet lullabies. Lullaby will be a favorite with little ones, and with mom and dad as well!

Vocally, Roberts sounds a lot like James Taylor. Taylor is definitely one of his influences, along with Paul McCartney, Van Morrison, and other singer-songwriters of that type. Indeed, the whole CD has a soft ’70s sound to it.

All of these songs are original compositions by Roberts and overflow with sweetness and humor. Some songs are love songs from parent to child, such as “Nothing on You,” “All for You,” and “Heart of Gold.” Others are songs especially designed for going to sleep to, like “Count Them As They Go,” and “Lullaby.” Then there’s the gently encouraging “No Matter How Far” and “Easier to Do,” for when times are a little rough.

The lyrics here are far more sophisticated than many children’s recordings and will appeal to older kids and adults, too.

This reviewer’s favorites, though, are the more humorous songs. The whimsical “Polar Bear” proclaims that Roberts will always be his child’s polar bear, even when it’s hot and he might look absurd. He won’t care. Who can resist that? And “A Wild One” is even better as it tells, from a kid’s perspective, all about the bedtimes stories a child loves, such as the “princess with that hair” or “the one where the bricks were made of gold.” That is, all “the wild ones.”

It’s very special for parents to be able to find music that they can enjoy sharing with their children and which they may actually choose to listen to even after the children fall asleep. Lullaby is that kind of recording. It is highly recommended for anyone with babies or small children or for gift giving to parents of little ones.

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