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The mighty Thor hath returned.

Music Review: Jon Mikl Thor – Sign Of The V

While the jury is out on whether or not we’re supposed to take this album seriously, beefy Canadian rocker Jon Mikl Thor’s latest music endeavor, Sign Of The V still has that wonderful '80s rock sound to it and is guaranteed to bring out the subdued butt-rocker in you.

Now, for those of you who just aren’t familiar with the name Jon Mikl Thor or believe the name to be a typo that’s missing a few letters, allow me to set the record straight. Haling from Vancouver, Canada, Thor has been turning the heads of bodybuilding fans and invading the ears of Canadian heavy metal lovers since the '70s. In addition to his one-of-a-kind stage performances (wherein he is said to show off his strength by bending bars with his teeth and breaking bricks on his chest), Thor is also the star of such legendary bad horror movies Rock ’n’ Roll Nightmare and Zombie Nightmare (the latter of which is famous amongst Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans) and for starting up the VM Sports line (which promotes Vancouver Millionaires apparel).

Sign Of The V, distributed by Vulcan Sky Records, contains 10 tracks, the first of which, “Vancouver Millionaires,” is a theme song for the former hockey team of the same name. Several tracks, such as “The Invader” and “Primetime Hero” are all an '80s rock lover could ever want — and these two tracks really stand out on the album in terms of “seriousness.” Several other titles, like “Pump Energy Man” and “Power US” also stand out — but more so due to their extreme nuttiness if nothing else (are we really supposed to take hard rock songs about eating and exercising right seriously?).

Silliness aside (and there’s a bit of it here, but that’s what I love about Canadian rock music), Jon Mikl Thor’s Sign Of The V is recommended for all Vancouver residents and anyone who has ever wondered what T.S.O.L. might have sounded like had their songs been written by the members of Foreigner.

Hey, I enjoyed it.

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