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Mongelli and the Cape Jazz Crew take cool jazz principles into the second decade of the millennium.

Music Review: Joe Mongelli and the Cape Jazz Crew – ‘WashAshore’

A collection of cool jazz musings, WashAshore from trumpeter Joe Mongelli and the Cape Jazz Crew, fluctuates between a sparkling chardonnay and a creamy cognac. The relaxing vibrations of the music puts the listener in the mood to enjoy an after-hours cocktail whether at home, an island getaway, or a supper club. The recording is all about stringing along a series of melodic soundscapes that anyone and everyone can sink into and be swept away by to a cozy locale.

The easygoing momentum of Mongelli’s horn coasting along “I Got It Bad” is beaded in the pearly luster of Fred Boyle’s piano keys. The luminous glow of the track is reminiscent of the harmonious wavelets of Kenny G’s music. Keeping in vane with the cool jazz palette, the comfy features of “When I Fall in Love” act like a foamy cushion on the listener’s ears, as the stylish stepping of Mongelli’s horn and Boyle’s keys are supported by the light pumping of Ron Ormsby’s bass and the sleek tapping of Steve Langone’s drums.

The reposing stride of the keys and the smooth furls of the horn through “Alfie” resonate a reflective mood. Conversely, the frothy fixings of “Doxy” and “Watermelon Man” incite uplifting emanations.

The band’s rendition of Milt Jackson’s popular tune “Bag’s Groove” shows their diversity, dipping into bopping grooves clad in bluesy accents. The shuffling tempo of “Til There Was You” is frocked in undulating keys, which turn subdued in “Makin’ Whoopie” while Ormsby’s bass and Mongelli’s horn engage in some fancy phrasing that makes this novelty number come to life once again. The soft sailing ringlets of Mongelli’s horns in “Where or When” / “I Thought About You” exude a pensive aura that borders on experiencing a spiritual release.

Mongelli and the Cape Jazz Crew take cool jazz principles into the second decade of the millennium. Their easygoing delivery is uplifting and universally palatable. The band’s craftsmanship is akin to the melodious soundscapes of Kenny G, assuring audiences a reposing getaway aurally.

Joe Mongelli – flugelhorn and trumpet, Fred Boyle – piano, Ron Ormsby – bass, Steve Langone – drums, Bart Weisman – drums, Alan Clinger – guitar, Bruce Abbott – flute

“I Got It Bad,” “When I Fall in Love,” “Alfie,” “Doxy,” “Watermelon Man,” “Beautiful Love,” “Bag’s Groove,” “Til There Was You,” “Makin’ Whoopie,” “Where or When” / “I Thought About You”


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