Tuesday , July 5 2022
‘Free’ is a collection of adult contemporary songs, the kind that accompany millions on their work days.

Music Review: Jillian Kohr – ‘Free’ EP

Jillian Kohr 'Free'Nashville’s Jillian Kohr recently released her five-track EP Free, which was produced by top session drummer (and member of Toto) Shannon Forrest. It is a collection of familiar sounding, adult contemporary songs, the kind that accompany millions on their work days.

The guitar-led groovy, uptempo title cut is very straightforward both melodically and lyrically, spanning the line between pop and adult contemporary. It’s anthemic, an ode to the freedom to follow one’s dreams on one’s terms. The sun-dappled number is a typical, sugarcoated declaration meant to uplift and carry forward the listener – the song that plays once the hero of a movie has figured out what needs to be done and is working towards it despite the odds. Kohr explains how this song “is a true mirror reflection of who [she is] right now, in this very moment, as an artist”.

The gentle ballad-like “Leave the Light On” is sprinkled with blues, bringing a certain level of warmth to its overall romantic feeling. The melancholy “Liar Liar”, which stays consistent throughout the ebb and flow of the tune, comes as an interesting contrast, as does the lower registry of Kohr’s vocals. There is something country-like in the otherwise alternative rock mid-tempo “Wrapped”, in which Kohr attempts to figure out how to deal with a woman who has her wrapped around her little finger. The EP wraps up with the slow and moody electric guitar-led “Mockingbird”, which reflects on the tendency to imitate rather than create.

While there is nothing new on this album—in that we have heard it all before—it is well performed and solid and will do well with fans of pop dusted adult contemporary with lyrics that look upwards. More information about Jillian Kohr is available on her official website and Facebook page.

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