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Jacqueline Tabor

Music Review: Jacqueline Tabor – ‘The Lady in the Gown’ Revitalizes Cabaret

The Lady in the Gown is the third solo outing from Seattle-based cabaret vocalist Jacqueline Tabor. Whether fans like their music with a cup of blues or a few scoops of adult pop, Tabor’s vocalese is palatable for them all. She shows the smoothness of Sarah Vaughan, the spontaneity of Joss Stone, and a catchy rhythmic timing that personalizes her sound. Instinctively, she moves her voice in ways that makes it distinguishable.

Joined by drummer Max Holmberg, bass player Greg Feingold, and guitarist Cole Schuster, Tabor offers a comfy respite with the familiar gusto of jazz vocalist Nancy Wilson, shrouded in a moonlight ambience. “Misty,” most of all, showcases this combination. Kicking the tempo up a couple of notches, the recording moves into the title track. An original number, the tune has all the pumping grooves and finesse of R&B-infused jazz. Tabor’s spontaneity thrives under these conditions.

Her rendition of Duke Ellington’s “Caravan” is flavored with exotic tribal beats and a spiritual voicing in her register that’s inviting. Imbued with a joyful swinging tone, Tabor sings every track like each was made for her. From the sparse bongo beats of “When Lights Are Low” to the smoky blues atmospherics of “Never Make a Move Too Soon,” Tabor tailors her voice to the mood.

Tabor’s vocal expressions give the tracks depth and meaning – a talent that consistently makes her able to penetrate audiences. Proving she is more than an artist who covers other writers’ works, Tabor shows a passion and reverence for the music she records that touches the listener.

Her understanding of blues music and its origins comes from studying such subjects at Southern University of Baton Rouge in Louisiana. She honed her talent and confidence by performing in clubs throughout the North Pacific of the U.S. Influenced and impacted by a number of jazz singers before her, Tabor developed a presence, able to influence other vocalists and make an impact on the direction that cabaret jazz is presently taking. For a newcomer to radio listeners, Tabor is a well-versed artist.


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