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Music Preview: gloryBots – ‘Dark Alien Pop‘

gloryBots, the musical project of Jalal Andre, will drop a 12-track debut album this fall. It’s called Dark Alien Pop. The LP encompasses fantastic alien soundscapes rife with melodic pop-flavored vocals riding atop lingering harmonic leitmotifs.

Andre more than paid his dues playing with a variety of bands prior to attaining regional success fronting Echo Texture. They were a Seattle-based rock band that released two albums. Although he’s still with Echo Texture, Andre felt the need for untrammeled creativity. Thus was born gloryBots, a solo project embracing post-punk/new wave, and innovative sonic textures.

With a sound vaguely comparable to The Cure amalgamated with Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, and God Is an Astronaut, gloryBots claims no single color, blending surfaces of streaming tones with dynamic primacy.

The LP opens with “Entanglement,” a simmering mixture of flowing, spacey, and almost psychedelic colors akin to moussed up Depeche Mode. The tune combines wistful new wave resonance with creamy, exquisite vocal tendrils. This is my personal favorite on the full-length because of its accretion of seething push of opulent textures.

“Dream About Nothing” features a pulsating bassline that drives relentlessly forward, as jangly guitars scintillate with radiant, silky colors and soft-spilling energy. There’s a gracious, suppressed momentum to the music, like construed sonic eventualities thick with luminous undertones.

“Afterlife” opens with shushing industrial flavors, crunching percussion, and supernatural vocal timbres. Hushed sizzling tones give the tune a close-fitting metallic ambience. “World of Curls” blends grunge-lite post-punk radiance with wafting, undulating guitar colors. I love the bass on this tune, as it exudes doubled decorative notes. Andre’s melodic voice is under perfect lilting control, imbuing the lyrics with lubricious sensuality.

“Syzygy” reflects a drifting suffusion of colors, along with woozy, computerized synths, infusing the music with an unrelenting secretive impetus of hues and flavors.

Dark Alien Pop presents dazzling soundscapes and deliciously soft vocals. The effect is spellbinding.

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