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Music Review: Galapaghost – ‘Pulse’ Presents Innovative, Luxurious Indie Rock

Galapaghost just dropped a new album, entitled Pulse. Galapaghost is the musical project of Casey Chandler, who currently resides in Austin, Texas. Pulse is his fourth album, recorded in Italy with the following musicians: Chandler on vocals, guitar, piano, bass, synths, beatbox, and drum programming; Federico Puttilli on electric guitars and sampling on “Obidos;” Francesco Venture on piano and Farfisa; and Alessio Sanfilippo on drums and percussion.

Galapaghost’s sound merges elements from folk, indie rock, electronic music, and experimental music, and was featured in the Italian film Il Ragazzo Invisibile, directed by Oscar winner, Gabriele Salvatores.

Pulse comprises 11 tracks. The title track rides a measured indie rock/pop melody with crisp percussive effects and gentle guitars shimmering with myriad pastel colors. “Jim Beam” delivers a dreamy indie rock melody flowing on a shining piano, emerging synths and Chandler’s rich, mellow tenor. I love the muted drums on this track, giving the tune a potent rhythmic pulse. “Analog Wasteland” offers a slightly industrial folk/pop melody full of mellifluous flavors traveling on a syncopated beat.

“Bleed” opens with a pulsating combination of synths, drums, and synths. The electronic/indie rock melody emanates dark, oozing mechanical/industrial hues, as Chandler’s vocals assume a deeper tone. “B.L.T.” rides a sparkling retro dream pop melody rife with wistful tones and a crystalline falsetto. There’s a retro lounge music feel to tune that’s cool and avant-garde-ish. “The American Dream” features a trundling alt rock melody with garage-grunge flavors. Chandler’s voice is reedy, rasping, and intense. At the halfway point, the melody alters to light folk before ramping back up to potent dynamism.

“Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Earth Today” presents a soft folk-flavored SoCal country-rock melody with twangy guitars. Chandler’s voice assumes a languorous flow that’s infectiously down-home. “Saudade” opens with steady strumming guitars reminiscent of Seether. The rhythmic component to this song is excellent and horizontal, yet powerful. I really like this tune. “Holy Moly” exudes a Spanish-laced indie rock melody, along with a luxurious acoustic guitar and evocative percussion. A profoundly elegant guitar solo imbues scintillating pigments and a piercing gleam.

“Obidos” presents a folksy/prog rock ambiance replete with emergent synths and snapping accents underneath glistening guitars. The flow of the melody is intoxicating. “Pinerolo” opens with oozing, flowing synths drifting into a graceful guitar. Twinkling piano notes add bright inflections. Gorgeous harmonics provide the tune with a quixotic feel. The song ends with scattered voices and blushing synths.

The lyrics on Pulse are superbly inventive, as well as occasionally irascible, making the songs entertaining in a stylish, innovative manner.

Wow! Pulse is surprisingly good. The melodies are lustrous and expansive, while the rhythms ache with splendid muted buffeting. Chandler’s voice is easy to listen to and rife with velvety sonority. I enjoyed Pulse and recommend it to you.

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