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'Bridges of Souls' from jazz fusion artists Ferenc Nemeth and Attila László establishes a rhythm that keeps the music moving in a state of flux.

Music Review: Ferenc Nemeth and Attila László – ‘Bridges of Souls’

Attila LaszloWith a propensity for chord dynamics and ingenuity, Bridges of Souls features the versatility of drummer Ferenc Nemeth and guitarist Attila László. The pair’s compositions establish a rhythm which keeps the music moving in a state of flux. Joining Nemeth and László are pianist Russell Ferrante and bassist Jimmy Haslip, both longtime members of the Yellowjackets.

Atmospheric and melodically pleasing, the title track is finely finessed, introducing audiences to the duo’s terms of synchronicity as they create flowing phrases which build effortlessly, moving along a lithesome rhythm. “Downhill” is clad with bopping grooves and chord dynamics penned in the language of jazz improvisation as the reggae beats of “Alone” buffer the raw, gravelly vocals of Hungarian singer Charlie Horvath.

The nimble movements of Ferrante’s keys in “Magic City” quilt a pattern of trickling notes as László’s guitar chords loop around the sparkling droplets. Ferrante’s cruising keys sustain a contemplative feel in “Little Heart” as the soft vocals of Spanish singer Lara Bello weld a reflective vibe making for a bluesy pop fusion. The duo’s performance of Radiohead’s pop hit “Creep” takes liberties by infusing a bluesy funk texture into the melody, and switches to a relaxing meditative mood in “Missing You,” which is kindled by soft sonic glimmers and ethereal-sounding chords.

Ferenc Nemeth and Attila László expand the breadth of jazz fusion, blending pop music with shades of blues, funk, and improvisation. Bridges of Souls is a product of Nemeth’s and László’s personalities, asserting their proclivity for honing chord dynamics and ingenuity. Their music embraces the principles of jazz, creating compositions that have a sparse script and depend on the musicians’ ingenuity to fill in spaces.


Ferenc Nemeth – drums, Attila László – guitar, Russell Ferrante – piano and keyboards, Jimmy Haslip – bass, Charlie Horvath – vocals on “Alone,” Lara Bello on “Little Heart”


“Bridges of Souls,” “Downhill,” “The Untouchable Number,” “It’s Already That,” “Sounds of My Heart,” “Dance,” “Alone,” “Magic City,” “Little Heart,” “Creep,” “Missing You”

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