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Of All These Things

Music Review: Eric Anders & Mark O’Bitz – ‘Of All These Things’

Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz recently dropped their debut album as a duo. Entitled Of All These Things, it encompasses 10 tracks of Americana and folk music.

The duo first met in 2002, when O’Bitz was performing as a solo artist. Anders was studying to be a psychoanalyst and trying his hand at singing. They decided to collaborate on a few songs, which turned out to be 50 songs, resulting in Anders becoming a singer-songwriter.

Anders took a break from music to get married and start a family. He returned to release Remains in Me, followed by another break. Then he released Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders (2016). In 2017, he released Eleven Nine, his anti-Trump album. Most of Anders’ songs were written with O’Bitz, so it was a natural progression for them to drop Of All These Things as a duo.

The duo is presently working on their next album, Ghosts to Ancestors.

Highlights on this new release include “Below the Night,” a gorgeously wistful tune. A creamy, sighing slide guitar elevates the song from good to excellent. “Eyes of Your Loves” is a country rock-lite tune full of soft, pale colors. Once again, the slide guitar imbues the music with nuanced textures and gossamer sonic filaments. This might be my favorite tune on the album because of the velvety guitar and Anders’ persuasive vocal tones.

“Together Must Be Found” proffers tender folk-flavored colors, along with Anders’ affluent tenor and its Neil Young-like pigmentation, which is high-pitched, yet so easy to listen to because of its warmth and aching sensitivity. “Look Into the Sun” opens with an austere thrumming guitar, as Anders’ voice glides overhead. When the drums enter, the tune takes on a delicious laid-back folk rock aroma.

“Found My Way Home,” a resonate tune, exudes low-level harmonics rife with round colors. Although the tune is uncomplicated, the feel of the music is spacious because of the arrangement and Anders’ mesmerizing voice.

Of All These Things is wonderfully beautiful and gentle. Subtle sonic colors, restrained, yet contagious rhythms, and Anders’ yummy, lingering voice provide a musical confection of grace and elegance.

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