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Elizabeth Mitchell's Blue Clouds is a charming CD for children that exudes sweetness and playfulness.

Music Review: Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My Flower – Blue Clouds

Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My Flower make sweet, playful, beautiful music for children. Mitchell’s voice is just right for this sort of music, with its pure and innocent tone.

Blue Clouds has some unusual choices on it. It starts out with two classic folk tunes, “Hop Up, My Ladies” and “Froggie Went A-Courtin’.” There are many versions of the tale of the courtship of Froggie and Ms. Mousie. This is the more American version rather than the better known version which is more English.

But other songs on the CD include the medieval round, “Summer Is Icumen In,” a tribute song to a child who died titled “Circle of the Sun,” and songs by famous songwriters who are not usually associated with children’s songs. David Bowie’s sweet song “Kooks” joins Bill Withers’ “I Wish You Well,” Van Morrison’s “Everyone” and Jimi Hendrix’s wonderful “May This Be Love,” an overlooked gem that becomes so gentle and comfortable in this version. Then there is “Blue Sky (Little Martha Intro),” which is the popular Allman Brothers song, here rendered as a wonderful lullaby, and the title song, “Blue Clouds,” which was written by Mitchell’s husband Daniel Littleton for their daughter Storey when she was little.

The CD also includes a Korean song, “San Toki (Mountain Bunny)” and a Japanese song, “Yuki (Snow),” which is about – you guessed it – snow. Their playfulness speaks of the nature of children everywhere.

The enclosed booklet tells some delightful background on the CD and the songs, and is charmingly illustrated with artwork from the book Arm in Arm by Remy Charlip. The story of the book is the basis for the charming song “Arm in Arm” about two octopuses who marry and live a happy life arm in arm in arm in arm…

These and the other songs on the CD all share a real sense of love, peace, and happiness that will enchant you and your child.

Blue Clouds is bound to become a family favorite for years to come.

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