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Shifting Borders is a cocktail that embraces the music of multiple cultures and merges them together into a melodic brew.

Music Review: Dave Kline Band – ‘Shifting Borders’

A savory blend laden of Eastern European accents, flamenco rhythms, Klezmer-folk trimmings, and R&B/funk grooves augmented by a Latin lilt, Shifting Borders from the Dave Kline Band fuses the music of diverse cultures. Growing up in London, England, guitarist/violinist Dave Kline leads a bevy of melodic forms supported by a catchy cadence. A mixture of improvised intervals and structured patterns, the effort is underscored by world music influences.

“Pronto” symbolizes the fusion of multiple cultures with the swirling strings of Kline’s violin garnished in the rippling chimes of Dan Paul’s keys. The guitar solo weaves a flamenco inflection around the Klezmer-esque tremors of the violin. The tune is moored by the funky R&B beat of bassist Cheikh Ndoye and drummer Jon Laine. The folksy tones of the guitar riffs waft a country aroma through “Rockin’ the Cape,” as the pulsating bounce in the drumbeats are synchronized to create a Caribbean Island ambience. The sensual curve of the guitar strings slinking across “Castilian Boogie” are layered in frothy flamenco accents, emanating sprigs of Latin breeds.

The recording switches to saloon-style piano keys opening “Fire,” with the melody then crisscrossing between samba-infused mirth and an R&B groove. “Enfin” returns to a laid-back country mood clasped in the statuesque finery of Kline’s wandering violin. The guitar chords are postured into regal formations, which give the rustic arrangement sophistication and charisma. “Paris” shows an Eastern European flare in the shimmied strings, changing to a Middle Eastern hue through “Shazam Returns.”

All compositions are written, arranged, engineered, and produced by Dave Kline. His band’s offering takes audiences across the globe, featuring musical influences rooted in cultures that span the U.S., the Caribbean, Spain, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Klezmer diasporas. It’s a cocktail that embraces the music of multiple cultures and merges them together into a melodic brew.

Dave Kline – violins and guitars, Fernando Mojica – guitars, Jon Laine – drums and percussions, Cheikh Ndoye – bass, Dan Paul – keyboards, Lynn Veronneau – vocals, Emmanuel Trifilio – bandoneon/concertina

“Paris,” “Shazam Returns,” “Pronto,” “Rockin’ the Cape,” “Overture,” “Castilian Boogie,” “5868,” “Fire,” “Enfin”


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