Wednesday , November 29 2023
‘Short Stories’ creates an emotionally rich auditory experience without heading either into preaching or depressing territories.

Music Review: Daniel Grinberg – ‘Short Stories’

Daniel Grinberg 'Short Stories'Daniel Grinberg’s latest project, Short Stories, is, in a way, a collection of songs that explores different, yet overlapping aspects of life of which at least one, if not many, will touch the listener’s heart. This melodic pop rock album was released late last October and features Daniel Grinberg (guitars, keyboards), Maor Swartzberg (guitars, keyboards, bass guitar), Tal Tamari (drums, percussion), and Yoav Arbel (drums).

The opener, “80 Years”, starts things off slowly with an acoustic guitar and builds up one layer at a time with gentle guitars and organ. The female vocals sound tender and sweet, creating a soft alternative rock number that encourages listeners to think of what they will accomplish during their years on this planet.

“Rivers” continues to increase the pace and depth, featuring great drum work and impressive piano parts that lead the melody with confidence. The vocals are sometimes too subdued, but this doesn’t remove too much for the overall experience of the song. In “Hey You”, the subdued first part is taken over by an energetic rhythm set by guitars which, along with the beat clamouring at the back, creates a cheerful, yet emotional number. While “White Fields” also creates quite an emotional experience, it does so within a very descriptive, almost sensory performance thanks to well-developed lyrics.

“The Forest” marks a switch between female to male vocalist, which comes as quite a surprise to a listener who has been mellowed into an almost zen-like listening experience – a little bit too jarring for my taste. The sad, melancholic “Old Town”, built on an acoustic guitar opening, has a bit of a folksy, country vibe. The slow tempo, guitar-driven “Beyond” builds yet again slowly, tugging on various strings of the listener’s heart to create an emotional experience. Keyboards take centre stage in “Michaela” while the vocals take on an extra special depth in “Thanks”. The simple melody of “You Give Me” wraps Short Stories up with a clean, tidy bow.

While the switching of vocalists can be somewhat jarring, Short Stories still manages to create an emotionally rich auditory experience without heading either into preaching or depressing territories. Tracks are available for streaming on SoundCloud and more information is available on Facebook.

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