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Omega by C-Wired

Music Review: C-Wired – ‘Omega’ EP

C-Wired, aka Chuck Whyard, recently dropped his debut EP, entitled Omega. His sound contains alt rock, Americana, and alt country elements.

Omega was produced by Sol Philcox and recorded at two studios in Nashville, Cathy Jo Studio and Gold Cassette Studio. Featured musicians include Justin Ostrander (guitar), Addison Smith (guitar), Amos Heller (bass), Will Houchens (keyboards), and Jerry Roe (drums).

A native of Detroit, C-Wired lived in Washington, D.C. for years and now hangs out in Berkeley Springs, WV. Playing clubs throughout the Mid-Atlantic Area, C-Wired only performs original material, eschewing covers because they’re no fun and don’t fit his voice.

Omega comprises five tracks, opening with “Anna Kissed the Sky,” a soft So-Cal country rocker with luminous guitars and a cogent rhythm. C-Wired’s rich tenor is easy to listen to, weaving lush tones over the undulating music. The flow of this song makes it my favorite on the EP.

“Gettin’ Sober’s a Bitch” is a bluesy rocker rife with a rollicking rhythm and delicious gospel-like vocal harmonies. A braying organ gives the tune a bright luster of tension, as the guitars growl nearby. “Angels Dancin’ on the Head of a Pin” is an alt country tune flavored with piercing guitars, lustrous vocal harmonies, and a driving groove. The philosophical tenets, as asserted by C-Wired, are honest and pithy.

Gospel energy pervades “Jessah,” along with trippy harmonics swelling into full-fledged alt rock. Sizzling guitars imbue the tune with kaleidoscopic colors, while C-Wired’s voice provides affluent tones. Delectable vocal harmonies give the tune opulent textures.

“Benevolent Angels” slows things down, initially, prior to building to a quasi-prog rock tune reminiscent of Blue Oyster Cult, featuring flowing shimmers of color that are radiant and glistening with subtle sonic nuances. Beautifully wrought, this tune positively glows.

Omega is delightful, full of dazzling color and smoothly textured harmonics. The term Americana doesn’t quite do it justice. I prefer the terms alt rock or alt country to describe C-Wired’s music. Still, what you call it is moot. It’s marvelous music. Be sure to give it a listen.

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