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Bruce Mountain Band’s ‘Another Day Lost’ makes for a great listen for fans of classic rock.

Music Review: Bruce Mountain Band – ‘Another Day Lost’

Hailing from Riverside, California, Bruce Mountain Band was founded in 2014. Its four members—Tyson Bruce (vocals, guitar), PC Penunuri (vocals, drums), Ruben Ornelas (guitar, backing vocals), and Ronster Monster (bass)—have put together in Another Day Lost a collection of 16 tracks inspired by their love for classic rock bands such as David Bowie, AC/DC, KISS, The Ramones, and New York Dolls. The band states that its goal is to create a new rock outlet to share music with the world

Bruce Mountain Band 'Another Day Lost'Some heavy themes are broached on this album. “Shine On”, for example, is a tribute by Bruce to his father who passed away at the age of 23 from leukemia when his son was a year old. And yet this remains a fun song to listen to. A bouncy, phaser-coloured synth line opens up this high tempo and energetic number that has a funky feel to it reminiscent of ’70s rock. The vocals are a little hard to discern through it all, quite unfortunately.

Other tracks that focus on heavy themes include “Thank You”, “Crossroads”, and “Woman”. The soulful rock ballad “Thank You” was written by Penunuri in honor of his mother, who singlehandedly raised him and his two siblings. It is all the more poignant that it is written from the perspective as a grown man with a child of his own. Starting slow, it does build up but remains languid and soothing throughout, something you can imagine him singing to his mother on the occasion of her birthday, for example.

“Crossroads” is another (but more rockin’) ballad with straightforward drums and guitar lines, almost as if to (ironically) compensate for the confusion that defines the moments in life when we find ourselves in a crisis with a really big decision to make. Elsewhere, the band chose to use a more progressive rock route to discuss the topic of troubled relationships, such as on “Woman”.

There are also a number of songs that are a lot more straightforward. The high energy “Feel It Too” looks at what can happen when attraction is reciprocated. The theme of the headbanging, intense, and furious “Living Without You” is quite simply stated in its title, as it is in the slower, reflective ballad “Everything I Want”, which features toned down vocals—almost hushed at times—making it sound like we are being let in on a secret.

Another Day Lost makes for a great listen for fans of classic rock. Music is available for streaming on SoundCloud. More information about the band is available on their official website and Facebook page.

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