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Music Review: Brian Hutson – ‘Anything Can Happen’ Dispenses Soft, Elegant Pop Flavors

Brian Hutson’s latest single, called “Anything Can Happen,” will be releaseed today. Similar to Clark Kent, who worked as a mild-mannered reporter, when not saving the world as Superman, Hutson’s real job is investment banking on Wall Street. But he moonlights as a pop, jazz, opera, and classical singer.

Wall Street By Day, Singer By Night

Hutson began singing in his school choir at the age of 12. Later, while pursuing a degree in Economics, he took private vocal lessons to improve his singing, along with performing on stage and in theater productions. Subsequent to finishing his degree, Hutson went to work on Wall Street, where, while singing at an office holiday party, he caught the attention of Joe Vulpis, the music producer. With Vulpis, Hutson released “Let It Ride” and “She’s My Woman,” with the former song hitting the Top 10 of the Adult Contemporary charts.

Since then, Hutson has partnered with Sennheiser Microphones, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap, Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret, and Martenero Watches. He dropped his debut EP, Midnight Sessions, in November 2017 and is now releasing another single.

“Anything Can Happen” opens with Latin-flavored guitars and soft-shushing percussion riding a mellow and smooth pop melody. Hutson’s velvety tenor enters imbuing the tune with tender, crystalline tones. Radiant harmonics infuse the music with tantalizing nuances of color and misty, delicate textures. As the melody ascends, the rhythmic pulse assumes a potent quixotic flow that’s aesthetically satisfying. Simmering strings add suppressed lustrous dynamics to the tune’s gliding feel.

Glowing Timbres of Intimacy

Hutson’s voice, tumescent with intense emotions, emanates soft, glowing timbres of intimacy. It’s a penetrating voice, rich and high, full of opulent, sentimental hues that convey intrinsic anticipation and romantic hope.

The lyrics of “Anything Can Happen” present the exquisite buoyancy of the prospect of love.

“Can’t take my eyes off you / When you walk into the room / Your curious smile meets mine / Anything can happen / I press your hand to my lips / You guide my arms to your hips.” And then the chorus: “And when we touch / When we kiss / And become one / In eternal bliss / All we hold true / Is all that I am, I am for you.”

“Anything Can Happen” is a beautiful love song. The indulgent melody exudes an easy elegant sonority, while the gentle rhythm assumes a reflective ambiance. And Hutson’s silky voice bestows a charming flavor that’s compelling.

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