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‘Neon’ is an infectious and energetic EP that will make the tail end of winter go by easily.

Music Review: Beauty in the Breakdown – ‘Neon’ EP

Beauty In The Breakdown 'Neon' EPThe Los Angeles-based pop/dance/alternative band Beauty in the Breakdown has a distinctive electronic rock sound which listeners will quickly get acquainted with after just one go of their debut EP, Neon, which is set to be released near the end of May 2016. Chastity Ashley formed the group in 2013 with Ian Alexander (guitar); the duo soon recruited Alexandria Reyes (bass) and Tim “Sonix” Rouse (keyboard, synthesizer).

The EP plays almost like the soundtrack to a movie; one could sort its tracks right into three distinct categories. The first one contains the thick, throbbing, heavy, slower numbers that set up the problems and challenges the movie’s protagonist has to face. The energizing “On My Way to Die” (a very apt title or this category, wouldn’t you say?) is reminiscent of early No Doubt material, including the band’s very own Gwen Stefani-sounding female vocals. “Falling Forward” opens up with violins, which sets the setting really well for the slower, most languid number that still manages to throb as well as carry on the band’s trademark electronic vibe.

The protagonist will then face his or her problems head on, accompanied by foot-stomping, rock-flavoured and energetic anthem-worthy numbers. “It’s Not Too Late” and “Ride” are very energetic, and though they will make your feet stomp along, they might not make many hit the dance floor. “Ride”, which has an extra dose of pop mixed into it, starts off with a familiar clapping rhythm—it’s very similar to the one that forms the backbone of Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us”.

Mention “Around the World” in the context of dance music and a lot of people are bound to think of the popular late 1990s Daft Punk song of the same name or of the addictive chart-topping track “All Around the World” by ATC. This very danceable tune is highly enjoyable, and one can feel the resolution of the protagonist’s problems in the lightening of its melody and layering of instruments.

“Deep Love” and “Satellite” are the songs with which our protagonist celebrates his or her victory. The former is a very 1990s energetic and dynamic dance number, the kind that brings everyone to the dance floor. Add a dollop of electronic music and you have yet another dance floor favorite in the making on “Satellite”.

The tail end of winter requires a lot of extra help to keep one’s energy up. Music being one of my drugs, I have been leaning heavily on Calvin Harris in recent weeks. Thankfully it looks like he is about to catch a break, as I’ll be playing this EP often to survive the upcoming grey days. More information about the band is available on their Facebook page and on their official website.

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