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A new Techno-NuJazz Fusion project from Audnoyz!

Music Review : Audnoyz – Audnoyz Project Vol. 2

Audnoyz Project Vol. 2 is the second release of the Audnoyz project by music producer Audnoyz. He is a self-proclaimed “psuedonisticmusictechnophilosoph,” and his real world embodiment is that of Steve Thomas, a music/media/marketing/technologist and multifaceted musician producing music for artists, institutions, and other creatives working in TV, film, and all forms of media.

The Audnoyz Project can trace its roots back to Thomas’ 2003 jaz-mobi Project album and a mashup called “Jadermash” in which most all of the source materials were samples from the other tracks on the album. It is this styling that led to the creation of 2008’s Audnoyz Project Vol. 1.

For Audnoyz Project, Vol. 2 he has melded international elements that are fused in new ways with European, American, and Indian pop, classic triadic rock chords, Latin rhythms, and techno. Through the use of digital tools, these are brought together by a musician grounded in jazz, deep theory, and multiple pop and dance influences. The attempt is to provide an accessible, rich and rhythm-driven mind/body experience for discerning listeners.

In the Audnoyz Project Vol. 2, sound design and sculpting shape the music, giving depth and breadth to the listening experience. There is a wide range of styles on the tracks that go from slow jazzy blues to ones with an international flavor. They are made up of sampled works from the artist’s previous projects that date back as far as ten years ago. Even the vocals on some tracks are samples that were used the same way the instruments were used within part of the arrangement.

According to the artist in an email interview, “All art is shaped by something — the times, influences, experiences. I have always been a cathartic writer in that something I experience triggers a melody or harmonic progression. With Audnoyz music a sample or sound could trigger my mind in the formulation of a song.”

It is hard to define the Audnoyz Project Vol. 2 as a single distinct style. If you could, it would be something along the range of “Techno-NuJazz Fusion,” or as the artist calls it, “Electroganica.” The songs range from “Emotions (She Went Away)” with its throbbing bass, out-worldly sounding guitar work, and haunting vocals, to “Not Alone” with its mechanical beat and castanets sound that permeates throughout and provides a distinctive flavor.

You have “daBreeze” which is a slow, very smoky sounding tune that has a jazzy blues feel to it, “Bonkers for Bollywood” with its Indian sounds and jazz under-tones, “Andreas to a Fault” with a light cinematic feel, “C-Head” which is disjointed and ethnic-sounding, and “Bugs Grove” with a smooth pulsing beat.

Overall, Audnoyz Project Vol. 2 is a wonderful listening experience with a lot of style and so I can very highly recommend it. 

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