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Music Review: Amaris – ‘Neon Colors’ Unleashes Bluesy Electro-Pop Full of Wicked Flavors

Multi-talented Dutch producer, singer, author, and actress, Amaris Wenceslas, who now lives in Switzerland, recently dropped Neon Colors, a new album of electro-pop and blues-tinted songs. At the same time, she also dropped The Hollow, a new album from her EDM-focused musical project, called Geiko.

Trained in the dramatic arts at Stage & Musical School in Frankfurt, Germany, as well as Drama School V. Forster in Zurich, Switzerland, Amaris studied voice under Isabel Kempinski. She has appeared in stage plays, such as Jake’s Women and The Last of The Red Hot Lovers by Neil Simon, and Amber Hall by Lars Lienen. Her sci-fi novel, The Chariots of Orion 1: The Request was released in 2017.

Neon Colors comprises 11 tracks. “Deep Into Space” rides a measured electro-pop melody flowing dreamily with quasi-psychedelic flavors and a bluesy aroma. The resonant background vocals imbue the tune with harmonic depth and mirroring sonic colors. “Bassline” delivers an electro-pop melody rife with a Tracy Chapman-feel that balances the tune betwixt and between pop and alt-folk rock. A potent bassline juxtaposes the bright vocal hues.

“Unsigned” features a hefty dose of blues-flavored electro-pop, buoyant and crisp. Amaris’ voice is reminiscent of Bjork merged with Alanis Morissette, quixotic and exotic at the same time. The layered vocals on this tune are deliciously nuanced and tantalizing. “Swim On” travels on an industrial metallic electro-pop melody stuttering with subdued energy. The beat is brittle, yet cogent, as emergent synth colors swell in the backdrop. Amaris’ vocals exude a throaty blues essence that’s tight and compact with sensuous inflections.

“You Don’t Know My Heart” packs a rhythmic punch, as the percussive effects alternate with intractable lust, like the throbbing of a tumescent heart. The vocals swap from horizontal to a rapping swagger, giving the tune a distinctly unctuous savor that works well. “Alien Games” features an exotic electro-pop/hip-hop melody surging with dark aromas and a definite sensuality bordering on the wicked.

“Critical Orbit” opens with creamy woozy synths, which is followed by a thumping kick drum and Amaris’ slowly simmering vocals, emanating oozing shadowy colors rife with brooding absorption. This is one of my favorites because of its pulsing intimacy. “Fever” blends electro-pop with powerful bluesy R&B flavors into a pungent melody replete with scrumptiously glazed vocal harmonies.

“Lonely Fighter” starts off with classical/orchestral aromas emerging from the synths and a slowly trickling piano. As the harmonics merge, Amaris’ voice assumes a delicate ineffable richness that approaches a religious synthesis of tonal flavors, potent and coruscating with arcane energy. “Tough Love” radiates a pulsating exotic electro-pop melody undulating on rising synths.

The title track opens with popping sounds riding above quavering synths and a polyrhythmic groove. The murky electro-pop melody imposes a susceptible urgency of implacable personal force provided by Amaris’ gravity-like tones.

The highlight of Neon Colors is Amaris’ voice, at once elegant, opulently voluptuous, and proximate, like a sonic organism with a soul, evocative and eloquent, but capable of nastily righteous modulations that produce subzero washes of sonic pigments.

Neon Colors is outstanding! The electro-pop melodies emanate a seductive primitive energy, while Amaris’ marvelous voice imbues the music with commanding superiority.

Find out more about Amaris at her official website, and on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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