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Life Dynamic has rhythmic beats and clear, melodious, razor-sharp vocals.

Music Review: 3 Pill Morning – Life Dynamic

Life Dynamic is the third completely self-made and produced EP released from the young 3 Pill Morning. The band formed in 2003. With each of the other releases they saw an increase in sales and radio spins, and this one has just the right combination of rock, rap, and emo to keep that upward climb moving.

The seven song EP, which has a hard edge and a fresh sound, tears out of the box with "Pretty Woman Syndrom." The song is surprisingly well-produced with some nice effects for a completely independent project. It is catchy with rhythmic beats, and the vocals are especially clear and melodious for something so razor-sharp. I must admit (No matter how old it makes me sound) a preference for what they call the clean mix of the song that ends the CD, however.

The expletives that are missing from this track were background vocals on the explicit version and didn't add anything more than gratuitous cursing, in my mind. Without them the song just sounds that much more sharp and tight. The lyrics pull no punches and hit just as hard without it, especially with the emotive delivery, giving way occasionally to the emo-characteristic screaming. But even that is not over-done. The band seems to have a way of pushing things right to the very limits, and stopping just shy of being over-done in all aspects.

"Hesitate (Matty B Remix)" has a very Linkin Park sound to it, especially in the rhythmic rap. The similarities to "Somewhere I Belong" are undeniable. I'm not saying it's a direct copy but the influences in the rap lines are evident. What 3 Pill Morning has that Linkin Park doesn't is the strikingly harmonious lines on the chorus. And it is in those harmonies that the band stands out and shines above the others doing the same thing.

In a recent interview, lead singer Jeff Stebbins confided, the band is touring constantly to build a fan-base and make a name for themselves. They are also in the process of recording their first full-length album. If it has the quality and attention to detail the three EPs have had, I would say it's onward and upward for 3 Pill Morning.

Streaming MP3s from Life Dynamic can be heard at the band's Myspace Profile and news and information can also be found at their official website.

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