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Not A Lot Of Blood
Album Cover: A Failure

Music Premiere: Jim Clements Releases ‘Not A Lot Of Blood’

Singer-songwriter Jim Clements premieres “Not A Lot Of Blood” today on Blogcritics. The song is from his forthcoming album, A Failure, slated to drop October 26.

Clements’ dropped his first album, Kill Devil Hills, in 2004. The album, compared to Wilco, Elvis Costello, and Neil Young, comprised songs about apocalyptic floods, destroying angels, murder, adultery, and revenge. In 2008, Clements, along with his band The Right To Die, dropped When the Saints Go, a lo-fi concept album about visions, sinners, and saints.

A series of unfortunate events in 2009 caused Clements’ relocation to the Middle East, where—after time for reflection—he began writing songs for his third album, The Road to Anhedonia, recorded in Vancouver in 2011. A Failure will be his fourth album, made up of songs never intended to be released. Finding himself in L.A., Clements decided to put together an album of unexpected intricacy. “Not A Lot Of Blood” provides a foretaste of A Failure.

“Not A Lot Of Blood” opens with a gentle, delicate piano and soft percussion. Clements’ tender voice enters with subtle timbres, imbuing the song with warm colors. A softly shimmering guitar adds twinkling embers of sonic hues, enhanced by indulgent harmonies infusing the tune with wistful melancholy. Delectable pigments from a violin add nuanced aromas of fond regret as the tune closes.

Clements’ voice oozes a curious field of suppressed energy, mellow and affluent, yet displaying an intimate vulnerability. Backed by diaphanous vocal harmonies—da, da, da, daa—the tune assumes an exquisite lilting charm.

The melody of “Not A Lot Of Blood” merges flavors of indie rock, classical savors, and alt folk. A snug, patting rhythm imbues the music with a gentle rolling motion akin to something between a pitching and yawing cadence. The harmonic and rhythmic combination produces a compelling flow.

Unique yet delightful to listen to, “Not A Lot Of Blood” exudes the ache of life on glorious textures of sound.

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