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Music Interview: Amoraa on ‘Infinite Love’

I first heard about singer Amoraa (sometimes referred to as Amoraa J) from Danny Trejo during his visit to Washington, D.C. She’s signed on with his music label, Trejos’ Music. Her debut album, Infinite Love, came out on August 25.

Amoraa and I met on Zoom to talk about her music and her experience making the “You Make Lovin’ Fun” video.

If I want to be signed to Danny Trejo’s record label, which qualities is he looking for? Assume that I can sing.

Be a good person. Danny tends to gravitate to people that he sees potential in. Not just that, but be a humble, down-to-earth, and giving person. And if you’re about giving back to the community, I think that’s what he’s looking for. 

What was a valuable lesson from the early days when you recorded your first singles with Trejo’s Music? 

I was originally R&B-based. Now it’s more R&B with a classic sound. Interpreting those sounds into my singles has opened my eyes into exploring other genres I didn’t really expect to do. I love music overall and I’m open to other genres. 

It’s cool to spread the old sound into the new sound, and hopefully make that mainstream one day. Eventually, I want to get into modern R&B music and incorporate my roots there.

Photo of Amoraa on her Infinite Love album cover

Which Latin American artists have inspired you in your music?

There’s so many! One of the biggest is Selena. We know she was a legend. I think she was revolutionary with her sound and style. It was so different. She wasn’t afraid to do it. Everything about her was amazing, which translated into her music. Sometimes I’ll watch her live concerts. She was also singing in English. That was just the beginning of her career. [Imagine] if she were still with us today.

J-Lo took on the Selena role, but she did her own thing with R&B and dancing. She’s a great entertainer. 

Becky G is a newer artist. I love her story. She was a hustler, and now she’s made it to where she is. She’s performed at Coachella. That’s great!

How did you develop the songs for your album? Who was on Team Amoraa?

Music making is very collaborative. There was Carlos Guillen, our producer. Also, Cota the Barber is a great singer on the label. We joined together and experimented on what’s best with vocals.

Even Danny was in there. He said, “Sing it this way” or “Do it that way.” 

Sometimes we brought in friends for feedback. Tarah New isn’t in L.A. anymore, but we had her call in. She gave notes, too. The collaborative environment feels like home because everyone is helpful. We all want to see each other win at the end of the day.

Photo of the cover of Infinite Love, Amoraa's new album

How does the title of your single “You Make Lovin’ Fun” resonate with you?

I’m very much about love. Sometimes being in love sucks, but I am a hopeless romantic. I love being in love! 

When you’re in love, everything feels so fun. Going to the grocery with your significant other can be the time of your life. Regardless of what you’re doing, as long as you’re doing it with them, it’s the most fun time. 

Tell us about being on set for the music video.

Everybody was catering to me that day. [laughs] They were so helpful. We were all having such a good time. It was a crazy atmosphere. 

Danny was there. We had the makeup artist, the actors, creative director, and the assistant there. It was overwhelming in the best way. I never thought I would experience the process. I almost felt like a movie star. 

Thinking of future music videos, who would you like to appear with you? 

I have a long list. Of course, Danny has to be in all of my music videos. Also, Beyoncé. It’d be such an amazing cameo if she could be there. Queen Bey!

What’s it like performing on the L.A. stages? 

I like to describe it as a roller coaster. The anticipation gets me nervous as I go to the stage. As soon as I go [on], the nerves are gone. There’s a high I feel the whole time. The voice is there. Everything feels amazing.

Sometimes there are different audiences who aren’t as positive. When they react positively, I feel like I’m at home.  

Amoraa, what else would you like to share?

The music journey can be very difficult. Lots of people can feel discouraged. I know that sometimes I have. It can come in waves.

I’m really big on consistency. Don’t give up on your dreams, and keep going. Write down what you want, believe it in, and put in the work. It’ll happen. 

I never thought two years ago that I’d be in this position, and here I am! It’s a journey, but it’s not impossible.

Follow Amoraa on X (formerly Twitter) for her latest updates.

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