Thursday , November 30 2023
Let's continue our discussion from yesterday, but we'll throw another show into the mix too.

More About TV Teens With Babies

I have a two-year-old daughter.  Perhaps you've heard me mention her from time to time.  Even if you haven't, the fact remains that she exists and that under no circumstances, ever (save tons of money, of course), would I give her to a couple of teenagers to watch for three days.  Apparently though, other people have no such qualms, though watching Baby Borrowers, they certainly should have.

I absolutely believe that teens that could watch my daughter for a number of hours, babysitter-style.  I think that there's absolutely no problem with that.  Frankly, though I was skittish at first, I think that most of the teens on Baby Borrowers could watch my daughter.  Some, however, I would cross the street to avoid. 

I simply can't fathom why Alicea might believe herself to be ready to take care of a kid.  I simply can't fathom how, after doing her best to avoid the child that she was supposed to be treating as her own she told her mom that she still wanted a child. 

She explained that if it were her child it would be different, and she's right, it certainly would.  If it were her child, it's entirely possible that the department of children and family services would have to step in.  Yes, the love that she would feel for the child might be stronger, but I have no reason to believe that said love would trump her desire to sleep through the night rather than take care of her little one.  I have no reason to believe that said love would trump her desire to find someone to hand the child off to, as she wanted to do with the baby she was supposed to be caring for. 

There certainly may be teens in this world that could handle the responsibility of a child, but they are, without a doubt, few and far between.  Alicea, certainly, is not included in their number.

But, enough bashing the incompetence of teens, let me ask you this, what is up with the teens with babies shows launching this summer?  Yesterday, I wrote, ad nauseum, about The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and today I'm harping on Baby Borrowers.  The two shows are very different, they're handled in completely different fashions, but at their core they're both exploring the same areas.  Was there some huge upsurge in teen pregnancy last year of which I am unaware?  Are the producers of television shows all struggling with discussing teen sex and pregnancy in their own home?  Did they figure that this was an easier way of tackling the issue than having a heart-to-heart with their own children?

Okay, it's probably not that, it's probably just random happenstance.  And, I think that there's absolutely no reason for these shows not to be out there.  Neither glorifies teen pregnancy, neither glorifies teens having babies.  They do however both open up a line of communication between parents and kids, they allow for a way to enter into a conversation about sex and pregnancy.

That's absolutely a good thing, I'm just happy that I don't have to have that talk with my two-year-old for another 25 years.

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