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The Montreal International Games Summit - Nov. 16th - 17th

Montreal International Games Summit Preview

Montreal, Canada has become the largest major center for video game development in Canada, and approaches the largest in North America. Many major studios like EA, Ubisoft, Bioware and Eidos have a large presence there, but there are also many smaller, but still important, studios based in that city.

Companies like Artificial Mind and Movement, and Autodesk all bring a pool of talent, fresh ideas and technology to the video game landscape that has made Montreal a video game Mecca in Canada.

Recognizing the importance of the industry within Montreal the developer and design themed Montreal International Games Summit was formed and has thrived. These summits are working conferences with pivotal members from the game industry providing seminars, panels and round table sessions.

Every year the summit has been a tremendous success with the industry collaborating, sharing information and bringing knowledge and prominence to the active community in Montreal within the gaming world.

This year Blogcritics will be attending the Montreal International Games Summit, which runs November 16th and 17th. We will open our coverage by liveblogging major keynote addresses from Yoicha Wada, President and CEO of Square Enix, Patrick Plourde, Lead Game Designer from Ubisoft, and Ken Rolston, Game Designer from Big Huge games.

We will also be providing regular updates on seminars ranging from game design narrative to Dead Space: A musical post mortem. The summit is a true look at the inside of the Game Development community and how the creative, business and design aspects of the industry come together.

Look for interviews as well from prominent members of the video game industry to follow the summit as well as coverage on the exhibition and post summit activities.

If you are in the area there are still passes available for the summit, but also keep an eye on the Blogcritics Gaming section for the live and near-live coverage of the event.

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