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Founded in 1975, the Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational computer company that came to fame by dominating the home computer operating system market in the early 1980’s. It began with the introduction of the MS-DOS operating system, and subsequently followed with the Windows line of operating systems.

The Microsoft name is also known for its application software as well. In particular, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are both leaders in their markets, and both took the leadership away from leading products at the time. Microsoft leads the application suite market with its Microsoft Office offering as well, as having other products aimed at the business market.

The first product that Microsoft ever created was a version of the basic language for the first personal computer, the Altair 8800. Since that time Microsoft has continued to be a leader in the software development market with its Visual Studio.NET and Microsoft SQL Server products that are used to create much of the software that is run on its Windows Operating system today.

Even though Microsoft has been the target for lawsuits for anti-competitive business practices, it still remains one of the most successful software development companies ever formed. While many companies have tried to bring it down, many more have been successful building nests in its branches. Microsoft has expanded into other markets like the gaming world with its Xbox system, and to the music realm with Zune, and there is no doubt that they will continue to expand in the future.

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