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So it pains me to say it Mets fans, but it is all over.

Mets Mess: Reality Rears Its Ugly Head

Okay, Mets fans, let’s be honest. The party is over. Yes, there were a few exciting moments, and manager Terry Collins and his players had us thinking it was 1973 all over again, but those Mets had Yogi Berra as a skipper, and now the deja vu part is not about winning but about accepting one’s fate.

The Mets lost 4-1 to the Florida Marlins in an ugly game. “Ugly” is the operating word because the Mets are getting closer to the cellar in the National League East, which means we’re moving back into Basement Bertha territory again. The Marlins are a hot last place team; the Mets are as cold as ice and sinking faster each game. If you are looking to the return of Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran to end the madness, don’t get too comfortable because they’re probably not going to be around much longer.

There have been rumors about trading Beltran since spring training. Now as the July 31st trading deadline approaches, and as the Mets continue to struggle and lose games, it is only a matter of time that Beltran will be put in a lifeboat and row safely to a contending team: good for him; bad for us.

Jose Reyes played a game with the Brooklyn Cyclones last night. David Wright is going to get his rehab games in too before coming back. Johan Santana may be back sometime in August. Ike Davis remains in Met limbo, and now super sub Scott Hairston came out of the game hurt. With all these injuries, the Mets should start call their clubhouse the Hurt Locker.

No matter who comes back, who gets traded, and who stays on the DL all season, the Mets and their fans just have to face reality. There’s not enough season left for miracles. Collins has done a great job, but you need all the right ingredients to conjure up a recipe for a winning season and playoff run, and Collins is like a baker trying to make a cake without any eggs or flour.

So it pains me to say it Mets fans, but it is all over. Beltran will be gone soon, and Reyes may follow. The AAA boys of Tejada, Turner, Pridie, and Thole will continue to play hard, and they may be able to finish at .500 this year, but don’t go holding your breath now. It’s more likely we’ll be spending the rest of season downstairs with Basement Bertha. We’d better get used to it.

Photo Credits: NY Daily News

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