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It will be interesting to see if Wheeler develops as expected or becomes another member of the Mets Hall of Lame.

Mets Mess: Beltran Goes to SF Giants for Pitcher Zach Wheeler

The long awaited trade of outfielder Carlos Beltran came to fruition on Wednesday, July 27, with the New York Mets  sending him and cash to the San Francisco Giants for minor league pitcher Zach Wheeler. In doing so the team’s general manager Sandy Alderson kept his promise to get something substantial in return for Beltran before the July 31st trading deadline. It will be interesting to see if Wheeler develops as expected or becomes another member of the Mets Hall of Lame.

The writing has been on the wall for the past week or so regarding Beltran. He recently spoke in public about how much he loves the Mets, his teammates, and the city. In fact, we heard more from Beltran in the last seven days than we did in the seven years he has been a Met. It’s a pity he became talkative now, kind of like a girl you bring home on a first date after you’ve decided not to call her again.

Once the trade was announced, the Mets clubhouse became a cheering section to let everyone know how much Beltran will be missed. According to the chatter, Beltran was a mentor, a great friend, a confidant, and a true leader. It’s too late for any of that to matter now, but it would have been nice to know about all this behind the scenes stuff sooner. I don’t know if it would have changed the outcome of things, but now Beltran is off to greener pastures.

The trade bodes well for a number of reasons. First, it shows that Alderson can make the deal that needs to be made. Second, the Mets didn’t back down and accept a lesser offer (which was apparently coming in from the Phillies, the Braves, and Texas Rangers). The most important thing is that Alderson got an arm. The Mets need pitching like the Titanic needed lifeboats, so this is definitely great news.

Zach Wheeler was the sixth pick in the first round of the 2009 First-Year player draft. The Giants were apparently quite high on this fellow, and the Mets did a good job of scouting him. Will Wheeler eventually make his way to Citi Field and become a member of the starting rotation? You can bet that Alderson believes that and we will have to wait and see if we Mets fans can become believers too!

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