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Ric gears up for Jason's trial, and Noah prepares to take the stage as Eli Love.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Jason’s Trial to Begin

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

Remember just the other day I said I wished just once Maxie would do the right thing? Just once! Well, I guess I spoke just a little too soon, because on Wednesday's General Hospital she was busting at the seams with goodness.

First she decided she wasn't going to steal drugs for Cody, and went to tell him so, recounting how she had spent the entire last summer stealing and buying drugs for a man and it was a really bad scene. Cody wasn't so quick to believe she didn't have the pills and began to rough her up while looking for them. Cooper to the rescue – with a gun in Cody's back, telling him to unhand his girl.

After shooing Maxie away he threatened to hurt Cody if he ever came near Maxie again, and then was off to lecture Maxie, yet again, on how she needed to stay away from both Cody and Logan, saying they were damaged from the war. I guess his words sunk in this time, because she ran to Logan and called off their bet, saying she didn't want him to sleep with Lulu. When Logan informed Maxie he wanted to be with Lulu regardless, she replied that she would not be sleeping with him no how, no way.

All of this happened after Nikolas dragged Lulu out of Logan's apartment insisting his sister wasn't going to have anything to do with Scott's son. Of course, Lulu protested and thanked her brother for his concern, but stated she was eighteen now and there was no way anyone was going to tell her who she could and couldn't see.

As Nikolas was dragging Lulu away, Max showed up to take Logan to Sonny. The mob boss wanted to know why he hadn't showed his face since losing his shipment to the police. When Logan said he was biding his time, waiting for Sonny to contact him instead of drawing the police attention to his organization, Sonny said he may have continued use for Logan.

Sam slapped Carly at the end of Tuesday's episode. Wednesday it turned into an all out chick fight. (Note to the writers: Your audience is mostly female. We don't want to watch two women rolling around the floor pulling each other's hair and then swinging pool sticks at each other like they're in a porn version of Highlander.) Sorry, all I could think is if Jason was there he'd be furious they were fighting on his pool table. Luckily Diane showed up before too long to put an end to it. Not so luckily, she was there because the police were on the way to search the apartment for evidence to be used in Jason's trial.

Carly was livid and continued to whine like a big baby, causing a scene and doing what everyone tells her not to – make things worse for Jason. She warned Diane and Sonny she is certain Sam will betray Jason if she gets the chance. And it looks like she just might. DA Lansing showed up with a subpoena, telling Sam she will be called as a witness for the prosecution.

Ric also had one of those subpoenas for Liz. Of course, she had to jump in her car and run right up to Pentonville to ask Jason what she should say on the stand. Jason told her to tell the truth and get off the stand before Ric could bring up the fact they slept together and questioned Jake's paternity.

On Thursday's General Hospital:

Noah strolled into the hospital, later than expected, to consult on a patient and Patrick and Robin noticed the obvious swagger in his walk and confident demeanor. Robin, nervous and uncomfortable with the fact Patrick's Dad might be doing her Mom, asked where he and Anna went after leaving the party. His face lit up as he recounted the evening, saying they worked on his performance and adding he's determined to successfully pull off his impersonation because he cannot and will not let Anna down.

Later, when Robin and Patrick are privy to Noah's phone conversation, making plans for later that evening with Robin, she can hold her tongue no longer and asks flat out if he is sleeping with her mother.

I could have done without the student nurses squealing and thinking the senior Dr. Drake was Eli Love. They were on hand two weeks ago when Patrick and Noah had the huge blowout, and know Patrick's father works at the hospital as well. And the little reminder they had to work the night shift as well as the daytime one seemed a little gratuitous (General Hospital: Night Shift airs tonight on Soapnet at 11:00 pm) but all in all I'm enjoying this whole new side of the good doctor and am rooting for a romance between him and the super-spy.

Sonny droped in on Kate who had returned from the city to oversee the installation of her marble, or so she said. When the conversation turned back to the night they spent together, Kate insisted it was because of her boss's little blue pills, but stoped short of saying Sonny took advantage of her. As usual, Kate protested way too much, in the name of self-control I suppose, but it was nice to see a crack in the armor when Sonny asked where they go from here.

After finding out Sam has also been called to testify at Jason's trial by the prosecution, Liz freaked out and after a rather nasty confrontation at the hospital, later tracked Sam down at the television station to ask her to not give damning testimony against Jason, which infuriated Sam even more.

As if Ric wasn't having enough fun forcing Jason's two favorite woman to testify against him, he called on Amelia and convinced her to film the trial from the DA's point of view for Everyday Hereos. Amelia was gagging as much as I was, and asked him he had the nerve to consider himself an Everyday Hero. I'm sure with an agenda of her own (Amelia always has an agenda, doesn't she?) she agreed.

I could not have been the only one to see it coming when the guard who was riding back to Port Charles with Jason was going on and on about his kids, his wife, and the vacation he was starting as soon as he safely delivered Jason back for his trial. "He's a goner," I actually said out loud. Sure enough as Jason was brought from the car, shots rang out and the guard was the first one to hit the pavement. Amelia was the second, as Jason leapt toward her, knocking her out of the way of gunfire and protecting her body with his own as he eyed the gun the fallen guard had lost. Tune in tomorrow; I'm sure Jason is going to save the day.

*One last summer road trip for this writer. Look for the next edition of Making the Rounds on August 1.

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