Saturday , May 25 2024
Everyone wants to keep Lulu from Logan, Maxie gets involved with Cody, Sam slaps Carly.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Doing What’s Right

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

While talking to Logan about Cody, Cooper encouraged him to be completely honest with Lulu. We were fed a few more clues to 'the horrible deed' of Logan's, but none of the details. After breaking away from her imposed house arrest by Edward, Monica, and Alice by blackmailing Alice, Lulu pressed Logan for details about why Cody is so angry. He avoided her direct question but detailed for her the general horrors of war.

Cody is an interesting addition to the landscape of the teen-set, a complex character being played expertly by Graham Shiels. I'm enjoying watching his evolution on both the daytime serial and on the Night Shift.

Tracy was also worried about Lulu's involvement with Logan and when talking to Scott was unsuccessful, she called Nikolas telling him his sister was in real danger. Tracy's selfless caring concern for Lulu, however caused Alan's ghost – a manifestation of her guilty conscience – to fade. Hopefully, this is not the end of Alan, as his role as Tracy's conscience has been not only hilarious but poignant to watch.

In the meantime, against Cooper's advice, Maxie sat down with Cody to try and find out the secrets of Iraq. She found herself on slippery, yet familiar, ground when she pointed out Cody's obvious signs of addiction.

So, Maxie's going to go down that same path as last year, stealing and buying illicit drugs for a guy. Didn't she learn anything from the experience with Lucky? Just once, I'd like see her do the right thing.

I guess Jason is allowed visitors at Pentonville now, as he had a revolving door of them in this episode. First Carly came with her usual whining and moaning she does when her life is a mess. She repeatedly pushed Jason to just dump Sam, until he finally spilled to her it was over, by Sam's initiation. Amelia showed up later to warn Jason Sam is a loose cannon out to destroy him and he would be smart to claim his child and point the finger at her as an accessory to the kidnapping. Jason outright bitterly refused. I get the feeling, even after everything that has happened between them, he still loves Sam.

Sam, however, took a break from her packing to warn Nikolas that now that she and Jason are over it is likely Liz will dump Lucky and pursue him and he should steel himself to be there for his brother. Soon after, Carly showed up to gloat about Sam finally being a footnote to Jason's life. The war of words elevated till Sam could take no more and slapped Carly. I guess we'll have to wait for Wednesday's episode to see if Carly comes back at her.

On Wednesday's GH:

  • Ric delivers subpoenas to both Liz and Sam to testify against Jason.
  • Back off is the warning Jason has for Amelia
  • It's Coop to the rescue when Maxie gets in over her head.

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