Sunday , May 19 2024
Liz can't deny her feelings for Jason, Kate gives into the power of the little blue pills, and Noah enjoys all the attention Eli's reputation brings.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Under the Influence of Love

On Monday's General Hospital:

While using the pass Lucky arranged for her to visit Jason, Elizabeth all but tells Jason she hopes that once he is free the two of them can be a family with her kids. Jason, however tells her he will abide by the sacrifices he's made for Jake's sake and encourages her to keep her current family solid for his son's sake. In the meantime Lucky, angry that Liz actually used the pass and curious about what Sam had said in the park, confronted her, wanting to know if Jason loves Liz. In a case of unusual restraint, Sam kept Liz and Jason's secret.

Even with Sam keeping the secret to herself, Lucky has to be beyond suspicious. He is one of PC's finest after all. How can he not read between the lines on this one?

Alexis's and Carly's plan to get their hands on Jerry's PDA went a long way for comic relief but was completely unsuccessful as Jerry was on to them the whole time. When Ric stopped by, allegedly to discuss Molly's visitation with Alexis, and found Jerry and Alexis drinking wine, he lost it, saying Molly would not be allowed to be with her if she was associating with Jerry.

While I would normally say any father has the right to be concerned over Jerry's presence, the way Ric's been acting the last year has me not care one lick about what he says. Now that Alexis appears to be healthy I'm so ready for her to knock that smug attitude out of him.

As hard as Kate tried to resist the effects of the aphrodisiac she had accidentally taken, it got the best of her and she gave in to temptation with Sonny. When Warren discovered she had accidentally taken the wrong pills from his pocket, he called Kate and apologized and explained. As I predicted, Kate wrote off the incident and vowed to Sonny it would never happen again.

At the Metro Court benefit party, Noah – posing as Eli – was downing the shots like there was no tomorrow, worrying and infuriating Patrick who could no longer hold his tongue.  Patrick stepped in, nearly blowing Noah's cover. As I suspected Anna had it all under control and was giving the good doctor water, not vodka. She promised Patrick she would keep his father safe from temptation, which obviously included the over-eager fan looking for a repeat performance in Eli's bed. After Anna chased her away by spraying her with water, Noah pulled her close and the two kissed – changing the scope of Robin's and Patrick's concern.

Ah the many temptations of being a rockstar, or pretending to be a rockstar as the case may be. This viewer is hoping the kiss wasn't part of the act, because it would be so nice to see Noah involved in a romantic relationship and Anna has just the fiery personality to be a good match – even if Robin and Patrick are weirded out by the idea of their parents being involved.

On Tuesday's GH:

  • After hearing from Jason that he and Sam are over. Carly takes the task of getting Sam out of his apartment into her own hands.
  • Edward and Monica put Lulu under house-arrest to keep her from Logan.
  • Maxie finds herself in a similar situation as last year, when she tries to procure drugs for a strung out and volatile Cody.

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