Thursday , December 7 2023
Liz succumbs to the temptation to visit Jason, Noah is tempted by Eli's trappings, and Kate gives in to the allure of Sonny.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Temptations Abound

On Friday's General Hospital:

As Noah, Patrick, and Robin emerge from operating on Eli – he's in for a long recovery but should be just fine – Anna is there to whisk Noah away for his Eli debut at the cocktail party to benefit Lifebeat. Noah resists and suggests canceling but Anna convinces him it will be a good test to see if they even have a chance of pulling it off at the upcoming concert.

While waiting for "Eli Love" to make his appearance at the cocktail party, Kate takes one of her boss's sexual stimulant pills, mistaking them for the aspirin he told her to help herself to for her headache. Under the influence, she all but ran to Sonny's. She tried to keep up the guise of the museum board seat, but couldn't resist the urge to leap into his arms.

As fun as the scenes of Kate's usual modest façade falling apart were to watch, I sort of wish the two could come together without her being under the influence. Cue predictable storyline of Kate being horrified and regretful of her actions and avoiding Sonny, while he pushes her to admit what she's not ready to.

Back at the party, a nervous Noah eased into his role when it became apparent no one was the wiser. Patrick was worried his father would become too comfortable in the rock star's shoes and slide right off the wagon, especially when Anna presented him with a shot of vodka to toast the charity. (We'll have to turn in Monday to see how that turns out.) Robin believed Noah could handle the temptations of alcohol; it was the temptation of her mother she was worried about.

Anna's spent her twenty plus years on daytime television as an international spy, saving the world from danger. She's a smart cookie and my guess is she's long figured out Noah's a recovering alcoholic and the shot glass contains something innocuous posing as vodka… but maybe I'm wrong. Either way, I'm anxious to see how this plays out on Monday.

Sonny visited Jason up at the prison. I guess since Steve Burton is back from vacation, Jason has been allowed visitors again? He told Jason Diane is working on his defense and his transfer back to Port Charles for the trial, but it was Sonny's promise to keep an eye on Liz and Jake that Jason wanted an update on. Sonny told Jason he has his men watching them and all seemed well, except for a confrontation with Sam in the park.

Liz decided to go ahead and use the pass Lucky gave her to visit Jason as well, saying he needed to be told about the loose cannon that Sam has become. Though, when she arrived more of the time was spent giving Jake updates than was spent on the argument in the park with Sam. Liz did warn Jason that if Sam was called upon to testify at his trial, she is afraid she will tell their secret.

I almost hate to say this, since I noticed I first predicted in April that Jason's secret pain would see the light of day soon, but I certainly think with the break-up of Jason and Sam and Jason's trial beginning, the few people left in Port Charles who do not know that Jason is Jake's father will soon.

Warning! News and Spoilers!

  • Is Summer love in the air? Kate and Sonny hit the sheets and Noah and Anna share a kiss.
  • Noah confides in Patrick how much he enjoys the attention he gets in Eli's shoes. Patrick and Robin scheme to keep their parents from falling for each other.
  • Some actors' vacations end, while others are just beginning. Look for Jax (Ingo Rademacher) to return to our screens soon, while Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) will be scarce for awhile.
  • Logan will come clean with Lulu about his deal with Maxie and his past in Iraq with Cody. Will it push Lulu away?

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