Wednesday , November 29 2023
A star-struck Anna drops in on Robin and Patrick, a lovesick Liz visits Jason.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Liz’s Stolen Moment, Devane Drops By (Plus Spoilers)

On Friday's General Hospital:

Jason is told by the guard there is a detective from PCPD to visit him and reminds him he doesn't have to speak to him without his lawyer present. Jason peeked through the window to see it was actually Liz waiting and agreed to see her. She admits she 'borrowed' Lucky's badge and told him she felt so guilty about him sitting in jail for bringing Jake back that she had to come up and thank him again.

Jason told her he didn't regret for a moment going to save Jake, but advised her to not take any risks like that to see him again. Shortly after she left, Diane showed up cautioning him (yet again!) about talking to police officers without her presence. Jason told him it was Liz, not an officer, and Diane was even less thrilled. She told him to either declare his love to Liz or push her away so he can totally focus on the upcoming trial.

I'm growing more than tired of this. Everyone knows where it's headed. Liz and Lucky are over; Jason and Sam are over. Liz and Jason are going to try the 'happy family' thing for just as long as Carly will allow it. Can we move on to it already?

Amelia showed up at Sonny's office, telling him while Sam was throwing her little temper tantrum she had done a little digging for some side stories and discovered Kate Howard's past as Connie Falconeri from Bensonhurst. Sonny lashed out telling Amelia to do whatever she wanted to Sam, but if she exposed Kate he would go to the tabloids and tell them he had bankrolled Everyday Heroes, causing them to lose their license. When Sonny tells Kate she, of course, loses it.

I always knew Sonny protected his own, but to see just how far he'd go to protect Kate/Connie was something we've only seen reserved for Carly in the past. I'm anxious to see if Amelia bows down to Sonny.

Not knowing who else to call to help treat Logan's wounds, Lulu calls Maxie and Cooper. They show up with supplies that Maxie says she stole from GH's supply closet. Maxie (Why Maxie? She pushes carts around the hospital. She doesn't see patients.) bandages him all up and all but drags Cooper out of there. Even though Logan tells Lulu to go with them, she says she's staying to make sure he's all right, thrilling Maxie.

Again, with the comparisons to Luke and Laura with Lulu and Logan? I can't wait until both Scott and Luke find out their children are falling for each other, that's when the real fireworks will begin.

Anna Devane dropped in on Robin and Patrick, literally, lowering herself through the roof's skylight. Patrick was quick to inform her "Did you hear, we have a door now." Obviously Patrick doesn't know Anna all that well. After a quick update on what Robert's doing and how she herself was trapped in a cargo hold of a boat during the Metro Court hostage crisis, she gets down to the business at hand. She has two front row tickets to see Eli Love at the benefit concert and wants Robin to go with her.

While Anna regresses into total star-struck fan, going on and on about how awesome Eli is in concert, Robin and Patrick inform her that Eli is the hospital with an embolism, refusing an operation. "There isn't going to be a concert," Robin says to which Anna replies, "Yes, there is. I have front row seats." After a few more attempts, it seems to sink in that the concert is off. So, Anna's next question is, "Can you introduce me?"

At the hospital, Noah was examining Eli. (Guess they both got over that look-alike thing). Eli seems truly remorseful the concert won't be happening, but just doesn't believe Noah can pull off an impersonation, when he offers again.

Anna shows up, a little bewildered to see two Eli Loves. A quick read of Noah's name tag and she immediately makes the connection to Robin's Patrick. She asks to be left alone with Eli who seems a bit scared as she goes on and on about chasing him all over the globe and seeing many shows on two world tours. He eases up when she asks for an autograph, pulling a sharpie out from beneath the blankets. Robin and Patrick walk in to find Anna with her shirt wide open. Okay, this isn't the Night Shift — he was signing her tank top underneath.

In the hall, Anna continues rambling on about the upcoming concert, which Robin reminds just isn't going to happen unless they can convince Eli to let Noah stand in for him. Lights go off in Anna's head, and she calls a meeting of all involved parties (minus Eli) and begins pulling his clothes from the closet. When asked what she's doing she replies making a rock star out of Noah, then delivers what has to be the best line in weeks: "Drop your pants, sweetie."

Seeing a side of Miss Devane that isn't all wonder-woman spy is refreshing. Anna has a soft spot, and it is Eli Love. Will she transfer that to Noah as she helps him prepare for the concert?

Warning! News and Spoilers!

  • Sam gets in to see Jason with Spinelli's help where she confides the truth about the day Jake was stolen. Bye-bye Jason and Sam.
  • Liz finally admits to loving Jason. So long, Liz and Lucky.
  • Anna works closely with Noah, transforming him into Eli Love.
  • Scott and Tracy forbid Lulu and Logan to see each other.

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