Tuesday , June 25 2024
Sonny learns Ric's hold over Jason, Patrick and Robin sentenced to the Night Shift.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Dire Consequences

On Thursday's General Hospital:

There was some tension on Thursday's GH, some of it leading up to the Night Shift which began its run on Soapnet at 11:00 pm last night.

Robin and Patrick received the decree they were to spend the next three months working Saturday nights in the emergency room. Both whined and whimpered about how it was unfair, but ultimately agreed that it was worth it to save the man (who didn't have health insurance), though by the episode's end it seemed in question if the procedure had saved his life. Robin wanted to stay at the hospital and wait for the latest battery of tests, but Patrick insisted they head home and get some rest before their night time shift.

I guess it's a topical issue, hospitals needing to operate in the black to function, but I'm having a hard time understanding where Dr. Ford is coming from. I suppose it's supposed to be that way, the viewer isn't supposed to like the authoritative figure, but it seems like the 'punishment' pill would be easier to swallow if I felt Robin and Patrick were in the wrong.

Diane walked in on Sonny's meeting with Ric and once they were alone he told his lawyer what the DA's evidence was against Jason – the digital voice recorder. Diane admitted it was bad, and would be hard evidence to refute. Bernie showed up to let Sonny know the shipment delivery went horribly wrong: the merchandise was confiscated, two of their men were in jail, and Logan was no where to be seen.

What a wonderful playful scene with Bernie and Diane. Do we have a new power couple in the making here? As far as the rest of it goes — ho, hum, I'm so over the mob stories. 

Lulu, in the meantime, fretted over why Logan never showed up back at the club and, with a little help from Maxie's chiding, believed it was because he wasn't interested. After talking about it with Carly, she went to his place and found out he feared what Sonny would do to him for losing the shipment. Logan tried to push her away, saying he wasn't interested anymore, and she almost believed him. That is until she turned to leave and realized he had been shot.

Boy, I can't be the only one seeing a Luke and Laura flashback with this set-up. Lulu with her innocent way about her (though she's certainly not as much as they tried to portray her yesterday) and Logan was all tough, scarred, and trying to push Lulu away for her own good.

Spinelli saw Jerry and Carly talking and jumped in to try and save the "Fair Valkyrie" from the "Unhinged One" only to be humiliated by Jerry. Taking refuge in the diner with Georgie, he came to the conclusion he needed to do something about his wimpiness. Later, Georgie returned his forgotten wallet to him at the penthouse and found him with Jason's gun. Quickly assessing the situation, she decided it would be a good idea to give him a crash course in firearm safety.

It certainly looks like an accident just waiting to happen!

On Friday's GH:

  • Sam confronts Jerry. Anna's back. But why? Liz sneaks in to visit Jason.

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