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Dr. Noah Drake 'still has it,' Jerry wants what his brother has.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Fireworks and Passion

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

Not too surprisingly, the Fourth was pretty slow as far as storyline and plot development go. For those who did forgo the outdoor picnics, GH did turn the heat up a little bit.

Only because Michael begged, Carly reluctantly agreed to let Jerry take her and the boys out on the speedboat for the holiday. And as much as it pained her to admit, she later said the boys had a good time but reminded her brother-in-law he was to keep his distance. This was just before Michael asked him to join him and his mother on the Metro Court terrace to watch the fireworks, which he did, much to Carly's discomfort.

Ned returned to Port Charles to offer his younger brother Dillon the job of a lifetime, working as an assistant to his favorite director on his latest movie project. Dillon was thrilled, but Tracy dashed those dreams by begging him to stay and help her get out of Shadybrook, much to Alan's ghostly chagrin.

When the new student nurses turn a lustful eye toward the young Dr. Drake, Robin tries not to show just how green it makes her. Instead she surprises her boyfriend on the hospital roof, wearing nothing but her medical coat to watch the fireworks. Apparently this was just before the big Eli Love concert that the hospital staff was buzzing about on today's (Thursday) episode.

Capitalizing on the affection Maxie showed him when he was drunk, Logan pushed the limits some more, throwing himself at her. Later they both remembered the intense kiss.

Epiphany, still ever persistent to get her son Stan to date Lainey, tried again to set them up. Lainey pushed all his buttons and pulled all his strings, manipulating Stan into agreeing to a dinner.

On Thursday's General Hospital:

Sam called Alexis over to the penthouse hoping her mother could pull some strings and get her in to see Jason, because as Sam put it, "We have some major issues to work out." Alexis insisted there's nothing she could do. Amelia dropped by to torment Sam. She showed the woman her contract, reminding her it's ironclad before throwing in a last jab saying, "Jason wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire." I suspect Amelia is exactly right.

When Patrick and Robin were caught smooching in the doctor's lounge by Mrs. Sneed – who threatened to go straight to Dr. Ford to get them suspended – it was the Dr. Noah Drake of old to the rescue. Flashback to 1981, the good doctor turned on the charm, flashed the dimples, and sweet talked Mrs. Sneed into letting his son and his girlfriend off with a warning. I always knew Noah was more a lover than a fighter! Of course in the next few scenes father and son were back to fighting over procedure, policy, and who's the better doctor.

Patrick was all fired up, telling Robin there was only room for one Dr. Drake at General Hospital, when Epiphany announced a patient with an embolism was on the way up from the ER. When the elevator doors opened and Patrick saw the man on the gurney, he immediately began calling out, thinking it was his father. Surprise! Noah, sauntered in off the next elevator, asking who was on the gurney. A quick look between the two and Robin declared, "It must be Eli Love."

Jerry attempted to continue to make himself at home at Carly's and offered to take Michael out on the speedboat again, but Carly sent her son off to camp and tried to kick Jerry out of her house. Alexis showed up with some paperwork, supposedly emailed to her from Jax for Carly to sign, giving Jerry access to his bank accounts. Carly thwarted his attempts at embezzlement.

Sonny took a break from teasing and taunting Kate when he found out from Alexis that Carly has spent the holiday with Jerry. Later, Kate watched through the French doors as Sonny held and comforted his ex-wife.

When Ned, Georgie and then Lulu all tried to convince Dillon to put his mother aside and follow his dreams, Dillon admitted to Lulu he still wants a relationship with her and can't throw their chance away. Lulu tearfully says they have no future and tells him he needs to go to LA.

When the student nurses weren't first drooling over Patrick, then chastising him for being so cruel to his father, they were fearfully discussing their Saturday Night Shift. Yes, we get it. General Hospital: The Night Shift will premiere on Soapnet one week from tonight (July 12) at 11:00 pm.

In the closing scenes today, we see Sam belly up to the bar at the Metro Court to do more of what she does best – drown her sorrows in vodka, when Jerry approaches her. This can not be good!

On Tomorrow's GH:

Sam only digs herself in deeper when it comes to her helping hand in Jake's kidnapping. Carly turns to Liz for help blackmailing Ric, Tracy puts her foot down about Dillon leaving (reportedly Friday will be Scott Cliffton's last day) and the doctors Drake will argue over who is better suited to treat Eli Love.

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