Friday , April 12 2024
Luke snatches Laura from Scott's clutches, Robin sets off alarms with Patrick when she hears the ticking of her biological clock.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Luke Escapes With Laura

On Monday's General Hospital:

Once again we watched Kate and Sonny go round and round. She criticized Carly for the hideous statue. Sonny accused her of forgetting who she was. When she tried to storm out of his place, she walked right into said concrete monstrosity and was knocked unconscious. When she refused to go to the hospital, Sonny suggested it was out of fear of someone discovering her past.

I think we all understand what's going on between Kate and Sonny, we don't need to be continually hit over the head with it. Let's move forward already! We did get a glimpse of back story that could prove to be interesting. It was implied that when Kate changed her name it broke her mother's heart. I wonder if Sonny will try and arrange reconciliation.

When Robin took a baby from a patience arms, she felt the twinges of a ticking biological clock and all sorts of motherly urges, all under the watchful, and terrified, eyes of Patrick. Later, while Patrick downed his fears with new buddy Stan, who had helped out of an awkward situation with Lainey, Robin and the girl's overheard him clearly state his issues on children – he doesn't want them. We've already seen such progression and growth in the young Dr. Drake; no doubt he will eventually get beyond this fear as well.

Oh yeah, Dr Ford strutted around the doctor's lounge giving Patrick and Robin a hard time for their unprofessional behavior. The new "Doctor's lounge" set was really nice, by the way. I wonder if it's an improvement made for the upcoming Night Shift spin off.

Nikolas was the only voice of dissent when it came to Luke kidnapping Laura, but in the end decided Luke's option was better than letting Scott have control. So off Tony Geary went on his twelve week vacation, but not before treating us to on more heart wrenching scene with Julie Marie Berman (Lulu). This, of course, followed the scenes of Tracy and Luke pulling off their schemes. I will miss Geary and Jane Elliot (Tracy) playing off of each other for the remainder of the summer.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

  • On tomorrow's GH: Amelia show's Jason her super-thick file of 'bad things Sam has done.' Sonny convinces Kate to stay the night so he can watch over her. The Quatermain's protect Tracy when Scott lashes out.

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