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Spinelli continued as Jason's wing man. Logan acted concerned over Lulu's pain.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Plans in Motion, Secrets Kept

On Thursday's General Hospital:

Ric continued to put pressure on Spinelli to come clean about Lorenzo's murder. Spinelli toyed with the DA, resorting to his video-game language and reciting plotlines from the Lord of the Rings while Jason nervously watched on. In the end Ric demanded his laptop, and said he would be getting a warrant to obtain all the computer equipment in Jason's penthouse. After the DA had left the room, Spinelli said that the laptop he gave Ric was a "dummy" and the other computer was set to lock down if tampered with by anyone but him.

Elizabeth sunk to an all-new low. She told Lucky she couldn't go to the courthouse because there was no sitter for the kids, then promptly ran to visit Jason the minute her husband left the house. She asked Jason if there was anything she could do for him. Liz, you're a nurse not a lawyer. Jason's not injured or sick, he's in jail. No, there isn't anything you can do. Go and at least pretend to love the man you chose.

Needless to say, when Lucky found his wife visiting Jason, he was none too happy. But when called out on her lies, Liz only got more angry and indignant.

I guess Michael and Morgan went over to Kate's property again, and this time harpooned one of her ornamental Japanese koi. The only thing we really know for sure is Kate tossed a bag with a dead fish on Sonny's desk demanding he do something about it. Carly showed up at his office in time to hear Kate call her kids spoiled little monsters.

Of course that inspired another cat-fight. Later, Carly returned to the hotel to find Kate and Jax discussing the issue, Kate turning on all her charms (who knew she had any, this is the first we're seeing of it) and capitalizing on her past acquaintance with him. If you thought Carly showed claws over Sonny, she lashed out bigger and badder ones over Jax. It's good to know she can be at least as jealous over her husband as she is her ex.

In the aftermath of Scott being awarded guardianship of Laura, Lulu softened a bit toward her father. She told Luke that if her mother could forgive and love him, who was she to hold resentment for something from so long ago, though it was obvious she was still pained and tormented by everything.

Tracy, on the other hand, knew exactly what the judge's ruling meant and asked Luke when he was leaving and how long he would be gone, saying she would stick to her agreement to help him kidnap Laura. Luke gratefully promised Tracy he would return to her as soon as he made sure Laura was safe from Scott's clutches.

Logan squared off against a gloating Scott at Kelly's. If these two are not father and son, someone in casting messed up. They look, move, and speak as if they were cut from the same cloth. I'm still betting (and hoping) that is what we find out very soon. When Scott left, Logan moved on and began working Lulu, playing on her pain to win his deal with Maxie, who watched on with sadistic pleasure. I'm not sure what happened with Cooper standing behind her while she was discussing the plan with Logan. The only remnants we saw was Logan saying "he just came back for his book," I guess he heard nothing.

Sam returned to Port Charles after her location shoot and ran to the hospital to find out the results of her fertility tests. It was there she learned from Ric that Jason had been arrested. Off to the jail she went.

In the meantime, Amelia ran to Sonny's office to get a little action on the mob-boss's desk. After the fact, Sonny discovered her big thick file on Sam, her past, and all her identities.

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

  • On Friday's GH: Sonny learns all the sordid details about Sam's past and Amelia's plan to tear her to shreds. The question is, will he high-tail it over to the jail to tell Jason… or will Amelia beat him to it?

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