Thursday , December 7 2023
Jerry's gone, Jax is worried. Jason's still being held. Carly's concerned.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Jerry’s Gone, Jason’s Still Held

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

Spinelli and Milo were both steaming mad at Logan for his unwanted assault on Lulu. Can't say as I blame them, but the violent outrage by Milo was not only predictable but just another example of how those in charge seem to migrate toward brute violence as a solution to all problems. Always level headed Georgie made a more practical offer and volunteered to speak to Lulu for Spinelli and Milo, so she wouldn't feel overwhelmed by the two of them. It was really nice to watch the young women hash out their past problems and come to an understanding with one another.

Serving up a king-sized breakfast to Jason in jail, Carly asked for his assurance that neither he nor Sonny offed Jerry. With that piece of mind, she then began plotting how she was going to get Jason out his recent jam. Jason begged, pleaded, and then made Carly promise she would do nothing to secure his freedom. He later had to have the very same argument with Spinelli who had hacked into the jail computer system to help set-up a jail-break opportunity. Expected and annoying, Ric threatened to charge Spinelli as an accessory if he didn't cooperate with the police.

Ric has always been hot to punish his brother through Jason, but he's been too involved with Lorenzo's murder from the get go for my liking, realizing he was missing only hours after he was killed. I'm getting a sneaky suspicion he's more involved with Lo's death than we've been led to believe.

The happy newlyweds had yet another heated argument over the usual topics. Carly doesn't want Jax to try and save his brother. Jax doesn't want Carly to be so involved with Jason's problems. Trouble in paradise is bound to continue because I don't see either giving up on their cause.

As predicted, the judge awarded guardianship of Laura to Scotty, much to her family's shock and dismay. All the while, Maxie informed Logan it was the perfect opportunity to proceed with their plan, reaffirming if Logan seduced Lulu and then broke her heart, she would spend a night between the sheets with him. Uhm, Maxie, Cooper is standing right behind you. How about explaining to your boyfriend how you're going to sleep with his best friend?

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

  • In the upcoming days and weeks, GH is going to look more like an episode of Maury Povich with multiple "Who's the Daddy" questions being answered. Look for Logan's daddy reveal, many more will learn who Jake's daddy is, and Emily begins a search for her real father.

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