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But who is identifying Manny's body?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Is the Reign of Terror Really Over?

Manny falls from the roof of GH, but the question of who and what finally put an end to the bad guy is debatable at first. Right before Manny can tattoo a message on Sam's stomach, Jason and Lucky both came across the maniac and his hostage. Jason was shot in the shoulder, and Lucky chased Manny to the roof. After releasing Sam from her bonds, Jason followed and somehow came across Manny first. The two struggled, each trying to put an end to the other. Lucky came across the two and, at an opportune moment, took a shot at Manny, who then tumbled over the edge and fell to his death.

Lucky took the credit, telling other officers, Mac, and Alexis the impact of the bullet had pushed him over the edge and he was responsible for saving Jason and ridding Port Charles of the terror. Just before collapsing from his own blood loss while standing over Manny's lifeless body Jason confided to Liz, "I killed Manny."

While Lucky was celebrating his accomplishments and Mac was telling him of his promotion and accommodation, Alexis received the coroner's report which stated Manny did not have a gun wound. She decided to "bury her hold card" and keep the information to be held as a power-play.

Just when it would seem Lucky is gaining back a bit of what he's lost to Manny's terror, you must know his small bit of joy will be ripped from him. Whether it ends up coming from Alexis or Jason, I don't see this secret being buried too long and the one who will ultimately pay, with yet another piece of his self-esteem, is poor Lucky. Though not a saint, riddled with his addiction to his pain medication, I can't help but feel just a bit sorry for everything the character has been put through and can understand his need to just once be the one protecting his wife and the people of PC. He did handle Maxie's advances well again, and it was actually nice to see one character on the show not so easily falling into what can only be called "the couple shuffle."

But wait! Who is that identifying Manny's body in the morgue? Does Manny have an identically tattooed twin?

On Carly's short road back to Sonny, she made her way through an incredible head-spinning parade of men. She went from Jax's bed to Patrick's via a pit stop at Jason's begging for help with the kids. Patrick and Carly ignored Robin's knock on his door and her plea to talk things over, but when the next knock came from Jason – Carly was up and on her way Sonny's. Later in the week, she confessed to Jason it might be her destiny to care for Sonny.

It's undeniable that these characters, as well as the actors who play them, have a steamy chemistry, but I do hope they don't use Carly's return as a way to short-change the bipolar disorder storyline. They've done a really good job thus far and I would hate for the writers to end it with Carly enabling him and hiding it. Her consideration of sending him to Rose Lawn was a good beginning, but it was squashed by Jason. Sonny's roller coaster ride of emotions continues to spin out of control, played incredibly by Maurice Benard.

In the attempts to change up both the stories and the couplings, Liz is being drawn to Jason, who has pushed Sam away, and Lulu put the final nail in Georgie and Dillon's coffin. In the aftermath of their fallout, Dillon turned to Lulu and Georgie to Diego.

On the heels of her break-up with Patrick, Robin was surprised and delighted to see Anna return to Port Charles (Finola Hughes has signed a one-year contract with the show). Though it seemed she was there to give her daughter a shoulder to cry on, she was soon sniffing around Alcazar and phoning in reports, all under the watchful eye of her ex – Robert Scorpio. After her light fingers lifted his cell phone from his pocket, Lorenzo is pretty suspicious himself. Be careful, Anna!

In General Hospital related news:
According to Soap Opera Digest, Genie Francis will be returning to the show for a limited run in November. The character will emerge from her catatonic state in time to celebrate Luke and Laura's 25th wedding anniversary.

Next week on General Hospital:
Emily tries to convince Sonny to enter therapy, Tracy stumbles across Dillon and Lulu, and it's guys' night out.

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