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Jerry reveals himself to all, Patrick tries to convince Robin to move in with him.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Craig’s True Identity Revealed to All

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

Amelia offered to walk Sam home after she was visibly shaken by the domestic violence set up on the Everyday Heroes set, and both woman were held at gunpoint by Jerry who had now decided, after the incident with Carly and Jason, to reveal his true identity to everyone. When Jerry asked for a glass of the wine Sam was offering Amelia when they came in, she was able to get her hands on one of Jason's 'stashed' guns. Amelia stopped her before she could shoot him, saying, "I can't sit back and watch you kill another man." Of course, Jerry wants details. Spinelli also tries to overpower Jerry with a pool cue, unsuccessfully. This whole scenario was over the top for me. Yeah, I get the fact we're being told Jerry is all powerful and no one gets anything over on him, but I don't buy that someone being held at gunpoint (Amelia) would stop someone else (Sam) from saving them.

When Jason returned to the apartment, Jerry informed him of how he involved Emily in his schemes and warned if he ends up dead, Emily will be charged with espionage. When Jerry left, a distraught Amelia ran to Sonny's office where they once again ended up in the throes of passion. High on his new sense of security, Jerry revealed his identity to Emily and Nikolas and brought them up to date on his run in with Jason.

Somehow Skye escaped Lorenzo's compound (read home prison) and made it to Sonny's office where she told him Lila Rae was on her way home and then the three of them were supposed to be headed to South America. Sonny gave her a cell phone and told her as soon as the baby was in her arms to call him, and Jason would take care of Lorenzo.

Alexis paid a visit to Carly's and Jax's, offering Jax her legal services in case he is charged with aiding and abetting his brother. Carly saw green and brought out the cat claws saying she would not have Alexis undermining her relationship with Jax. Jax assured Carly their marriage comes first with him. Sigh. Carly is back to insecure and very jealous ways. Just wait till she finds out Sonny's all into Kate.

Robin and Patrick continued the 'do we live together or not' discussion ad nauseam. When they were done talking, they did what they do best – got hot and steamy.

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

Amelia continued to play cat and mouse games with Sam, threatening to quit the show if Sam didn't leave Jason. She told her she would not be caught in any more of his mob crossfire. Sam begged and pleaded with Amelia to reconsider, proving to Amelia the show meant the world to her, and confided that she wasn't too sure she and Jason were going to survive what was going on with Liz's baby anyway. I'm so ready for Amelia to expose all of Sam's secrets and to be done with this whole scenario. Once again they are making Sam look like the dumbest woman to walk the planet to have not caught on to the fact Amelia is setting her up.

Sonny woke Diane up in the early hours to get an injunction against his new neighbor and their helicopter that had awakened him. When they go to the house to serve it, they learn said new neighbor is none other than Kate Howard. Sonny started some flirtatious cat and mouse games of his own, reaching a compromise with the woman from his past. Flirtatious Sonny is Sonny at his best. With his arch-enemy soon to be out of his way, maybe we will be able to see more of this side and less of the hard mob boss.

At the hospital, Robin was beginning to soften thinking maybe she had been too pessimistic about the idea of living with Patrick when three very lovely ladies showed up, one with an injured ankle and a referral from an old med school buddy of Patrick's. Patrick playfully flirted, and Robin got extremely jealous. (Stretch, yawn!) Come on, can't the writers come up with something more original than repeating the Patrick is a playboy scenario over and over? I want to see this couple move forward!

Lila Rae returned home and was once again in Skye's arms. Without thought or hesitation, she retreated to privacy and called Sonny, who called Jason who was spending a rare moment holding his son. He handed the child back to Elizabeth and was off to work, a poignant reminder of why both Jason and Liz think his life is too dangerous for him to be a part of Jake's life. At the estate, Skye did as agreed, opened the door for Jason, returned to the nursery and sent Lorenzo into the line of fire. Her soft soothing lullaby was barely interrupted by the silenced shot and a body hitting the floor in the distance.

I give TPTB credit for not bombarding us with yet more scenes of gun violence, and tastefully doing the shooting off-screen. However, what we did see, Skye nurturing her child while knowingly sending the baby's father to his death was nearly as chilling. The only questions remaining are will Skye be able to get back into her families good graces and will she be implicated in Lorenzo's murder.

On Thursday's General Hospital!

Alexis is shocked. I'm guessing she will learn today that Jerry Jacks is not only Mr. Craig but her new love interest Mr. Bronsan.

Jax and Nikolas duke it out. Again, this can only be over Jerry.

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