Tuesday , February 27 2024
Nikolas risks life and death for Emily and Lucky risks the baby's health for Elizabeth and his own peace of mind.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Taking Chances

On Thursday's General Hospital:

Jax and Carly had their first married argument over Jerry. Carly doesn't think the boys should look up to someone like him as a role model. I fully agreed with Jax's assessment of "but it's okay for them to look up to Sonny." Every time Carly gets all defensive and parental it makes me laugh. Most of the time she has no trouble leaving the kids with the nanny so she can run off and get in everyone's business, but when it's convenient for an argument she's a protective mother. In the end Jax promised her he would not run off to save Jerry and that he would make it clear to his brother he shouldn't glorify his illegal activity to the children.

Fed up with being held at Jerry's mercy and determined to save Emily from any more pain at his hands, Nikolas insisted Patrick and Robin give him the duplicated counter-agent in hopes they were right and it actually cured him of the injected poisons. He wasn't aware that Jerry had pulled a trump card, implicating Emily in treason if her involvement with him was discovered. So as I predicted yesterday, the means of control has merely switched from Nikolas to Emily, but at least we don't have to worry about Nikolas dying now.

Dr. Kelly informed Lucky that even though things did not look too good for Liz, he should take the baby home. She understood he would be by his wife's side, but felt it better the baby be in his home environment, bonding with family members, as opposed to being cared for by a rotating schedule of nurses. Lucky refused, insisting that when Liz came to she would want to hold her baby.

Of course Spinelli took the information to Jason, which only caused him to agonize more over the decision he was wrestling with. In the meantime, Lulu came up with her own plan and rallied the Spencer family, each agreeing to take turns in the nursery holding and bonding with the infant. As she prepared to go in for the first shift, however, she was overcome with the emotions over her abortion. Ever the friend, Spinelli was by her side to talk her through the emotions and accompany her into the nursery. Once she held the baby in her arms, any regret for her own actions was replaced with adoration for this child.

Jason was visiting Liz, hoping she would recover so he wouldn't have to come forward. At episodes end he advised Lucky to take the doctor's advice about sending the baby home, to which Lucky replied coyly it wasn't any of his business. Apparently it was all the push Jason needed and responded that it was exactly his business as in the background Liz was coming to. Will she become alert in time to keep Jason from claiming the child as his own? I sincerely hope we get this reveal today!

On today's General Hospital:

Sam gets disturbing news. I'm guessing it's about Liz's baby, though I'm not sure how she would find out unless either Jason or Spinelli spill to her.

Jason changes his mind and does an about face regarding the baby. Does this mean Liz is going to stop him? Come on, how many times are we going to play this cat and mouse type game?

Emily, Patrick, and Robin plot against Craig. I hope they make some headway because this is getting old fast.

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