Tuesday , April 23 2024
Jason agonizes over his secret while Nikolas goes over his will.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Will He or Won’t He?

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

The big question of the day continued to be will he or won't he. Of course we're talking about Jason and his big paternity secret. Liz still clung to life and Jason still agonized. It didn't help that he had Lulu advising him to carry the secret to his grave and Spinelli telling him to claim what is his. Out of nowhere came Ric, stopping by to visit Liz and admitting to her unconscious frame he planted the drugs in Lucky's desk drawer in a feeble attempt to win her back all those months ago. Also, after hearing that it was Jason who found Liz and saved her and the baby, he decided to go harass him for a bit.

When did it become any concern of Ric's if Jason spends any time with Liz? His little idle "Stay away from her, she's a married woman" threats came off desperate and a little creepy. Of course Ric and creepy is not a new combination.

Nikolas called Alexis out to Wyndemere to go over his will, wanting to make provisions for Liz and Lucky's new baby as well as naming Emily as a guardian for Spencer. He admitted the break-up with Emily and apparent affair with Robin were ruses attempting to mask an illness and a concerned Alexis begged him to be vigilant in his medical care. He later went to the hospital to check on Liz and learned from Patrick and Robin that they believed they had replicated the counter-agent. When they were later apprehensive about giving it to him, we learned what they've developed will either save him or kill him.

Meanwhile, Emily agreed to go with Jerry to handle his "transaction" which turned out to be a money transfer into an account in Emily's name. As she rightly guessed, it was ill-gotten gains which will implicate her should they be discovered, yet another means of control over our little foursome.

It’s been pretty subtle but it seems Patrick is noticing that Robin is getting more and more distant from the situation. Though this is really typical behavior on her part, it seems like they are setting something up. I only hope it's not more trouble for my favorite couple.

Carly and Jax are home from their honeymoon and adjusting to their new family. Michael and Morgan seem to be testing where Jax will fit, and he's really unsure what his role is. He wants to be more of a buddy, Carly is insisting on some level of disciplinarian. It actually made for some pretty interesting viewing, better than I expected. And of course, Michael let it slip that Jerry had stopped by the house. Will Jax pursue a reunion with his brother?

On Today's General Hospital

Jason and Lucky square off. Presumably this would be about "little stone cold." Is today the day the secret comes out?

Jerry still has Robin, Patrick, Nikolas and Emily under his thumb. As said above, with a threat over Emily, even if the replicated counter-agent works this four are not going to be shaking Jerry off anytime too soon.

Skye tries to make a deal with Sonny. She must be moving forward with her plans to off her husband. Hopefully she knows where her baby is first.

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