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It takes more than a faked accent and changed voice to fool Lady Jane.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – A Mother Knows

Today on General Hospital:

As the wedding reception wound down, Jax and Carly bid their good-bye and headed off to a remote portion of Fiji for their honeymoon. Through the chaotic exit which included the customary throwing of bird seed, Lady Jane saw something familiar and chased down Jerry. He tried to make an escape, faking a voice to match his changed face, but his mother saw through it and feared what he could have got himself into this time to cause him to change his face and hide out from Jax.

I know many long time fans are unhappy with this turn of events for a once loved character, but having missed out on previous versions of Jerry Jacks, I'm intrigued to see where the story is going to go. I would have to agree Stavros or Faison would have been better choices if TPTB were looking to tie into an old character, but this is what we have to deal with now, and I'm curious to see what the explanations are for the sudden change of character.

I was completely shocked that Nikolas and Emily got their tender moment toward show's end, dancing in the empty ballroom professing their undying love for each other, without interruption from Craig/Jerry. Their good luck is bound to run out as the week progresses. Now that Lady Jane knows Jerry is close, she's going to be persistent about spending time with her eldest son, I'm sure.

When Lulu stormed away from the reception in frustration on Friday's episode, she walked right into yet another shoot out on the docks. This one was between some unknown and Logan. Lulu called out that she was calling 911, and anyone who didn't want to be arrested should run, which the henchman did. Logan dragged Lulu nine blocks in heels (or so she said) before he chewed her out for messing up his big plan to get in with Sonny. When Lulu shot back with a callous remark about not being grateful, he was just as harsh, asking if he should sleep with her to pay her back.

The crude conversation was almost as disturbing as the fact characters that are supposed to represent the "teen sect" are often caught in gunfire. Logan later apologized, and Lulu accepted. Romantic sparks are still flying here, more so than with any of the 'suitors' who later showed up at Kelly's also full of apologies.

Sam dealt with the pain of seeing Liz stare longingly at Jason by getting totally smashed. After Jason took her home she rambled on and on, as someone who's drunk will do, about weddings and how things don't go as planned and then slipped mentioning "one of the times I was married." A confused Jason asked her what she meant, and she tried to cover, but I would have to think he would suspect something.

It turns out Amelia wasn't the call girl Sonny had called on Friday, but had been given the wrong hotel room number and was looking for a network executive. She stayed. She drank with Sonny and they hit the sheets. Sonny was trying to bury his pain over losing Carly, I'm not sure what Amelia got out of it. It seemed really out of nowhere with really no foundation. Though I'm sure Amelia will use this new "connection" in her plan to bring down Sam.

On Tomorrow's Episode: Carly and Jax enjoy their honeymoon, Alan enjoys haunting Tracy, and the media attention surrounding Everyday Heroes is too much for Sonny.

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