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Alan's ghost shared bedroom secrets while Spinelli tried to make sure Stone Cold didn't miss his child's birth.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Ghostly Aftermaths

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Today on General Hospital:

Tracy and Luke are beginning to realize there is much more to their marriage of convenience, as is a surprised Alan's ghost, but it hasn't stopped him from interrupting attempts at romance between the two. While Luke and Edward thought the haunting was actually Tracy's guilty conscious, Monica was sure she was up to some scheme. She asked Tracy to prove she was being haunted by having Alan divulge her favorite intimate activity. She was red-faced when Tracy relayed his answer of "oopsie daisy."

As usual these scenes have stood out as pure comedic genius, but today we saw a sensitive side, not only in the tenderness between husband and wife, but the grieving of a sister. When Tracy admitted that while Alan's haunting annoyed her it also comforted her to have him still around, it melted my heart just a bit – and Alan's too. He promised to give his sister and Luke a night alone.

A bigger oopsie that wasn't as easily explained was Spinelli showing up in Liz's hospital room with a video camera. He wanted to tape the delivery for Jason, but couldn't say it out loud to a confused Liz and Lucky. Lulu tried to cover by explaining to her brother she had told Spinelli she would like to see the baby's birth. He picked up and went with the cover explaining he would do anything to make the blonde one smile. Later Lulu tried to defuse the situation by telling both Spinelli and Jason she would keep Jason in the know about everything that happens with his child.

The way this has been building, I am ready to see it blow wide open. It's been spiraling for months and months, and rest assured with the onset of May sweeps "Little Stone Cold" as Spinelli likes to call him or her will be born and Jason will hold his tongue no more. I have no doubt Lucky will be devastated, but I think he will be stronger than everyone is giving him credit for. I'm also not so sure Jason will be there to pick up the pieces the way Liz thinks he may be.

After refusing an offer from Ric to bring Lorenzo down, but would leave her wide open, Skye was attacked by Carly who believes she had everything to do with the ambush. What she missed at home was Lorenzo shooting the hitman-in-charge in cold blood for botching the ambush. (Doesn't he know how hard it is to get blood out of the carpet?) When Skye returned home, she told him Carly believes she ordered the hit and he may have to come clean that his is in full control. He balked and said that would have to wait. As soon as she was alone again, Skye called Ric and told him she would do whatever he needed to take Lorenzo down.

In the meantime, at the hospital Carly visited Sonny. Even though he asked her not to leave him, she informed him she got engaged to Jax and asked again for him to give her the divorce. He refused, saying she needed the time to realize it was her family she wanted as well as stating again he was not going to easily give up the fight. After she left, Jason wisely informed him that sometimes the best thing you can do for those you love is let them go.

Though watching Sonny in full-blown godfather mode the last couple weeks has been fun, I am ready for this mob war to come to end. The stories have a way of repeating themselves with one side or the other taking casualties. It's also far past time for Skye to come to her senses, I'm just not sure getting wrapped up with Ric is going to give her the answers she wants. I wonder why she doesn't go to Luke for help.

In the final scenes, teasing tomorrow's episode we saw Sam following bad advice from Amelia and discussing the ambush with the reporters. Sonny is not going to be happy, let alone Jason. Tracy and Luke were interrupted once again, this time by Scott announcing he had been appointed Special Prosecutor and was going to renew his attempt to gain custody of Laura.

Warning! Spoiler Ahead!

Soapzone is teasing that Patrick and Robin will butt heads this week, just before Patrick sees the light and overhears Mr. Craig threatening her and Nikolas.

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